Apple Glass leak reveals it won't have this key feature

Apple Glass
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The Apple Glass won't support an on-board speaker system and will require AirPods for audio integration, according to the leaker who appears to know all the details of Apple's upcoming AR wearable.   

Earlier this week Front Page Tech host Jon Prosser dropped a massive Apple Glass leak with the name, price and key specs of “Apple’s most mysterious products ever,” but his intel didn't end there. Last night Prosser said on a live taping of the VypDrive podcast that rumors about the $499 Apple Glass shipping without a built-in speaker are true.

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When the topic of Apple Glass came up in a discussion among podcast host Vyyyper and guests XDA Developer's Max Weinbach and Jon Prosser, exclusive leaks started to spill.

Responding to a comment about the compatibility of AirPods and Apple Glass, Prosser said the latter won't come with a speaker so wearers will be encouraged to own Apple's AirPods — which are among the best wireless earbuds — for any degree of audio integration.

Prosser added that the company's goal is to deliver "just enough" of Apple Glass without impacting the need for and sales of AirPods, Apple Watches and iPhones.

Apple Glass is shaping up to be more of iPhone accessory than futuristic computing device. In fact, Prosser reports that all the AR processing will happen on an iPhone, which contributes to the lens' low cost while keeping Apple's flagship smartphone a necessity for use.

If you've bought in to Apple's ecosystem of wearables, Apple Glass as it's described now will fit in nicely among your current devices. But if you're interested in Apple Glass and don't own other Apple products, your bill will likely be more than $500 for access to full functionality.

Of course, we won't know just how mandatory Apple Glass will make having peripheral Apple products until the AR lenses are revealed. Apple Glass could debut as a “one more thing,” announcement after Tim Cook introduces the iPhone 12 and Apple Watch 6 this fall. The iPhone 12 event has reportedly been pushed back to October.

However, if the annual keynote can’t have members of the media present due to health and safety guidelines, Apple may wait until next March to unleash Apple Glass on the world.

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