'Anatomy of a Fall' streaming date: When will it be available to watch?

Anatomy of a Fall from mk2 films starring Sandra Hüller.
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"Anatomy of a Fall" is the hit international film of 2023. It won Best Picture – Non-English Language and Best Screenplay at the 2024 Golden Globes and is now the favorite to win Best International Feature Film at the Oscars. It will almost certainly be nominated for Best Picture as well, though beating out "Oppenheimer" for that award is going to be a tall order.

But the movie is now out of theaters, so if you want to watch it, you'll need to do so from the comfort of your own home. That means knowing when it's arriving on one of the best streaming services, as well as paid video-on-demand to buy or rent. The good news is we already know when it's landing on PVOD because, well ... it's already there. 

As for streaming services? We've done some research and are confident we know which of the best streaming services this movie will arrive on and we're fairly certain about when it will land there. So read on to see when "Anatomy of a Fall" will be available to watch on streaming services.

Where will 'Anatomy of a Fall' be available for streaming?

We can strongly claim that "Anatomy of a Fall" will be on Hulu in the U.S. 

Nothing official has been announced, but like "Ferrari," the film was distributed by Neon in the U.S. This means it's likely subject to a deal Neon struck with Hulu back in 2017. Recent Neon movies "How to Blow Up a Pipeline," "Infinity Pool" and "It Lives Inside" all made it to Hulu after their theatrical releases, so we expect this movie to end up there as well.

But other regions will see the movie land on other streaming services, especially since Hulu is only available in the U.S. We don't know where most regions will have the French courtroom drama available, but we think "Anatomy of a Fall" will likely be on Lionsgate Plus in the U.K. Lionsgate won the distribution rights for the film in the U.K. and Ireland, so it feels likely that Lionsgate's U.K. streaming service will have the film available to stream at some point.

When will 'Anatomy of a Fall' stream on Hulu?

Like with "Ferrari," predicting when "Anatomy of a Fall" will land on Hulu is an art, not a science. Thankfully, "Anatomy of a Fall" is currently available on paid video-on-demand streaming. That makes it a bit easier to determine when it should ultimately land on Hulu.

As I mentioned previously, "Infinity Pool," "How to Blow Up a Pipeline" and "It Lives Inside" were all recent Neon films that landed on Hulu after a theatrical release. "Infinity Pool" took 129 days between its PVOD release and landing on Hulu, "How to Blow Up a Pipeline" took 114 days and "It Lives Inside" took a comparatively brief 80 days.

That gives "Anatomy of a Fall" a wide window to work with for its Hulu release date. But even having that window as a reference point does narrow it down from the end of March to most of April 2024. Therefore, my official prediction is that "Anatomy of a Fall" should arrive on Hulu for streaming in early April 2024

There's a chance it comes a bit earlier to try and ride the wave from the Academy Awards on March 10. But based on the evidence we have available that seems unlikely — though not impossible.

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