Amazon UK will have the PS5 in stock on launch day — how to get yours

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Getting hold of a PS5 pre-order has not been easy, and if the U.S. launch is anything to go buy it’s going to be just as difficult to pick up a console on launch day. Assuming, of course, that U.K. retailers have them in stock on which kicks off November 19.

There is some good news for those of you who desperately want the new PlayStation right away, though. Amazon UK has just revealed that it will have some launch day stock, but only in limited quantities.

While the likes of the U.S. and Japan got the PS5 last week on November 10, the European launch takes place more than a week after, for reasons unknown. That includes the U.K., and it’s likely that competition to get one of the consoles will be fierce. Thankfully Amazon has been warning customers who signed up for stock updates that it will have more consoles on sale tomorrow.

Both the standard and digital consoles will be available on launch day, and they’ll be going on sale at 12 p.m. GMT. That makes it fairer for everyone, since we don’t all have the luxury of staying up until midnight and hope we don’t suffer some crushing disappointment.

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The email does warn that stock is limited, though how limited obviously hasn’t been specified. Considering Sony has been having trouble keeping up with demand already, and launch day consoles in the U.S. sold almost immediately, there aren’t likely to be very many consoles to sell. 

So be vigilant, and expect the worst, because there’s no doubt that these consoles will sell out within a few minutes.

Amazon isn’t the only retailer to promise launch day stock either. Game has said it will have a limited number of consoles available, though due to the ongoing lockdown they will only be available online. 

Likewise other big retailers, including John Lewis, Currys, and Argos, are said to be getting new consoles in for launch day, Unfortunately we don’t know what time all their respective websites will be updating, so if you’re really desperate make sure to keep checking. And keep an eye on our U.K. where to buy PS5 guide for a rundown of the retailers selling Sony's next-gen console. 

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