7 top new movies to watch on Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max and more this week (April 25 - May 1)

(L to R) Alexander Molony as Peter Pan and Jude Law as Captain Hook in the Peter Pan & Wendy poster
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Disney Plus doesn't always offer one of the top movies of the week, but this week is different. That's thanks to the big new live-action Peter Pan & Wendy film. While many of its younger actors will be unknowns to some, it features stars that parents and older audiences know and love, such as Jude Law and Jim Gaffigan.

Meanwhile, one of the best movies of 2023 is finally streaming — and you may be able to watch it for free. Yes, following a short wait, Scream VI with Wednesday's Jenna Ortega is streaming on Paramount Plus.

Elsewhere, Netflix drops a French action movie that looks gritty and grimy; Woody Harrelson's latest hits Peacock; and HBO Max is gaining a critically acclaimed David Bowie documentary. Here's the biggest new movies to stream this week. 

Scream VI (Paramount Plus, Digital)

Half-sisters Sam (Melissa Barrera) and Tara (Jenna Ortega) somehow made it out alive from the last Scream movie. For some reason, they thought they could possibly escape their family's haunting past in New York City. Unfortunately, they thought wrong: a "cult of Ghostface" has popped up and is hunting them and their friends around town.

Two other survivors of past Scream movies join them, as Courteney Cox is back as Gale Weathers and Kirby Reed (Hayden Panettiere) is now an FBI agent. A thrilling continuation of the series, and one that helps flesh out Sam's character, Scream VI offers everything horror fans want. The tension is rich, the chases are harrowing and you'll keep wondering who's behind that Ghostface mask. 

Watch on Paramount Plus (in the US and Canada) or buy digitally on Amazon and other digital retailers today (Tuesday, April 25)

A free Paramount Plus 30-day trial is available until Sunday (April 30th) with the code 'PICARD'

Peter Pan & Wendy (Disney Plus)

As was the case for Hocus Pocus 2, Disney Plus is getting a big movie as an exclusive (it won't even go to theaters) with Peter Pan & Wendy. The child leads are relatively unknown, with Alexander Molony as Peter Pan and Ever Anderson (who played young Natasha in Black Widow) as Wendy Darling. But the film features a trio of stars in prominent roles.

Jude Law dons the curly mustache of Captain Hook, and Alan Tudyk plays Wendy's father George. And in pitch-perfect casting, comedian Jim Gaffigan plays Mr. Smee, Hook's first mate.

Reviews have yet to drop, but the child cast looks charming and that may be all that truly counts. Right now, all we can truly say is that the color balance looks either too-warm or too-dark. Hopefully you won't have to adjust your TV for this.

Watch on Disney Plus starting Friday (April 28)

Moonage Daydream (HBO Max)

The iconic and mysterious David Bowie is on that elevated tier of musicians whose lives and personalities are so grandiose that a normal documentary would not be enough. Instead, filmmaker Brett Morgen (writer/director/producer/editor) delivered a trippy and intense film that serves as a fitting feature on the Thin White Duke.

Critics rave that Moonage Daydream provides a hypnotic look into Bowie's life through all sorts of material. From unseen footage to Bowie's own poetry and art, this portrait of the icon behind Ziggy Stardust is a bold and fitting frame for a singular career.

Watch on HBO Max starting Saturday (April 29) starting at 8 p.m. ET

AKA (Netflix)

Netflix loves to push into potential action movie series, so while we wait for The Gray Man 2, you can take a spin with AKA. This French film stars Alban Lenoir as a special ops agent who's undercover with a criminal organization, there to take down the big boss. Along the way, he becomes friends with this capo's young son. 

It appears that AKA is (in at least some parts) an action hero-protects-child movie, so that might be another reason to tune in. If you liked previous Netflix Original action movie Lost Bullet, know that AKA comes from Morgan S. Dalibert, the director of photography of that film. Former Manchester United footballer Éric Cantona co-stars in a TBA role. 

Watch on Netflix starting Friday (April 28)

Clock (Hulu)

For many women, nothing is more horrific than the conversation surrounding their biological clock. And so we're not surprised that a new Hulu Original from Alexis Jacknow (Again) is focusing on this topic from the horror angle. Dianna Agron (Glee) stars as Ella, who's confidence in her disinterest in having a child is constantly being under-cut by the women around her.

And, then, she — for some reason — enrolls in a clinical trial aimed at fixing her supposedly-broken 'clock,' run by Dr. Elizabeth Simmons (Melora Hardin, of The Office).

Watch on Hulu starting Friday (April 28)

Champions (Peacock)

Something of a reunion for star Woody Harrelson and director Robert Farrelly, Champions reunites the Kingpins collaborators for a sports movie that's much more optimistic. While Marcus (Harrelson) starts the film off on the wrong side of the court room, he's soon put in a position where he'll bring himself back up. The only problem? He's a bit too rough around the edges to be coaching The Friends, a basketball team comprised of players with intellectual difficulties. 

As Marcus begins to believe in the team, they add a ringer named Constantino (Madison Tevlin) and develop some cohesion. Oh, and Marcus has the added complexity of having had a one-night-stand with player Johnny's sister Alex (Kaitlin Olson). Critics noted that while Champions is definitely predictable, it's just as entertaining thanks to a solid script and performances.

Watch on Peacock starting Friday (April 28)

My Happy Ending Tuesday (Digital)

Julia Ross (Andie MacDowell) may be a famous actor, but she's still as human as anyone else. So when she tries to be unnoticed at a hospital while dealing with colon cancer, she also has to deal with the fact that everyone knows who she is. 

There, Julia makes friends with a trio of her fellow fellow patients, and tries to learn to live with it all. But her stay also has its Hollywood-like aspects, such as a sexy doctor.

Buy digitally on Amazon and other on-demand services starting today (Tuesday, April 25th)

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