The Gray Man 2 confirmed: Ryan Gosling to return for sequel

Ryan Gosling, as Sierra Six/Court Gentry in The Gray Man, bruised and bloodied
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The Gray Man 2 is a go! Netflix has officially confirmed that the spy action thriller is getting a sequel — and a spinoff! We're not surprised, since the recently-released movie ended on a note that invited an inevitable sequel and Netflix clearly wants to build franchises. 

Just like the Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds-lead Red Notice (which is reported to be shooting back-to-back sequels), The Gray Man is a star-studded, globe-trotting action flick filled with explosions and betrayals. 

Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo and starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, the film dropped July 22 on Netflix and even got a limited theatrical release. According to the streamer, The Gray Man debuted as the No. 1 movie in 92 countries.

"The audience reaction to The Gray Man has been nothing short of phenomenal," the Russo brothers said in a press release. "We are so appreciative of the enthusiasm that fans across the world have had for this film."

The Russo brothers and Gosling are all returning for The Gray Man 2, which will be  written by the first movie's co-writer, Stephen McFeely. The spinoff will be penned by Deadpool writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese.

"With so many amazing characters in the movie, we had always intended for the Gray Man to be part of an expanded universe, and we are thrilled that Netflix is announcing a sequel with Ryan, as well as a second script that we're excited to talk about soon," the Russos said. 

So, here's everything we know about The Gray Man 2.

Consider this your spoiler warning for the first film. Read my The Gray Man review to see what a sequel would need to improve at to be a better movie.

The Gray Man 2 release date speculation

a battered and bruised Ryan Gosling talking into a phone in The Gray Man

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While Netflix has officially ordered The Gray Man 2, the streamer hasn't set a release date for the sequel (or the spinoff) yet. 

Netflix's desire for franchises is no secret. Even before The Gray Man was released, it was eyed as foundation material because of its high cost. Reports say the streamer spent upward of $200 million on this film. That's 6.66 Stranger Things 4 episodes, for crying out loud! 

That kind of budget suggests Netflix wanted to invest in its own version of James Bond, The Avengers, or Mission: Impossible.

As for when it could come out? The Gray Man's announcement (July 17, 2020) and release date (July 22, 2022) were separated by about two years, but the Covid-19 pandemic may have thrown some delays in there. Filming took about five months, and then it was about a year until the new film was released. 

If The Gray Man 2 follows a similar timeline, it could arrive in summer 2024. 

The Gray Man 2 cast

Ryan Gosling is confirmed to return in The Gray Man sequel as Court Gentry, aka Sierra Six. 

Co-star Chris Evans is likely out of the picture, as Suzanne Brewer (Jessica Henwick) fatally shot Lloyd Hansen in the chest to end the fight he and Gentry/Six were having at the center of the hedge maze. 

But we expect the surviving cast members of The Gray Man to return, and they are as follows:

  • Ana de Armas as Dani Miranda, a CIA agent and Genry's ally
  • Regé-Jean Page as Denny Carmichael, a rising CIA official
  • Jessica Henwick as Suzanne Brewer, a CIA officer who served under Carmichael
  • Julia Butters as Claire Fitzroy, the niece of a senior CIA leader
  • Dhanush as Lone Solf, a mercenary
  • Shea Whigham as Gentry's father (in flashbacks)

Rege-Jean Page as Carmichael, Ana de Armas as Dani Miranda in The Gray Man

(Image credit: Netflix)

Of course, Gentry will have new adversaries to overcome. The biggest casting decision, though, could be around a character merely referenced in The Gray Man. Yes, we wonder if we'll meet "The Old Man," a character that Denny Carmichael's referenced as pulling the proverbial puppet-strings for the extermination of The Sierra Program. We'd love it if Jeff Bridges played that character, just like he's playing the titular character in The Old Man on Hulu.

The Gray Man 2 potential plot

Ryan Gosling is on a train in The Gray Man

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It's unknown if Netflix and the Russos will stick to the books by The Gray Man author Mark Greaney. There are 10 more Court Gentry novels (with an 11th on the way). 

The next chapter in the series is titled On Target, and it finds Gentry forced into a mission against his will. A Russian arms merchant named Sidorenko wants him to kill the president of Sudan, while the CIA tells Gentry he can be free again if he brings in the Sudanese president as a hostage. 

However, the first film took some major liberties with Greaney's book, so the sequel may diverge even more. 

As of now, Gentry and Claire are on the run, though she can be tracked through her pacemaker. Denny and Suzanne will likely still be trying to nab him (and the incriminating drive). 

Like we said, The Gray Man 2 may introduce "the old man" who seems to pull the strings at the CIA. It may also see Gentry looking for the Sierra agents who are still alive. 

The Gray Man spinoff: What will it be about?

Absolutely zero details have been given about The Gray Man spinoff, except that it will be written by Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese (Deadpool, Zombieland). 

The Russos mentioned that the movie features "so many amazing characters," so it seems likely that the spinoff will focus on one of them. Could it be a flashback to Lloyd Hansen's days in the CIA? Or a different adventure for Agent Dani Miranda? The spinoff could take a page from the Bourne franchise and follow another Sierra agent? There are so many possibilities and very few clues. Hopefully, the Russos will reveal more in the coming weeks and months.

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