How to Inspect Element on Safari for Mac

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When you know how to Inspect Element on Safari for Mac, you can delve into the HTML and CSS code of a web page, to see how it's really functioning behind the scenes or to make changes to how the site looks or functions (these are only temporary and the changes will be discarded after you close your browser). 

If you're on a website you've built, you can use Inspect Element to debug issues with a page's front end.

Chrome and Firefox users will be used to simply right clicking on a page element and then selecting Inspect Element. However, with Safari the Inspect Element feature is not enabled by default, so you may be scratching your head about where to find it, especially if you're unfamiliar with Apple's browser. To enable Inspect Element, you first have to switch on Safari's Developer Menu.

If you aren't sure how, fear not, as this guide will show you exactly how to Inspect Element on Safari. All you need to do is read on.

How to Inspect Element on Safari for Mac

  1. In Safari, click Safari in the tool bar
  2. Click Settings and head to Advanced
  3. Check Show Develop menu in menu bar
  4. On a webpage, right click an element
  5. Click Inspect Element

Read on to see illustrated instructions for each step.

1. Open Safari's settings

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With the browser open, click Safari in the top left, then click Settings.

2. Under Advanced, enable the Develop menu

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Click the Advanced tab, then check Show Develop menu in the menu bar. You can now close the Settings window.

3. Right click and select Inspect Element

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Right click a page element and select Inspect Element from the menu.

4. Inspect the page code

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You can now inspect the page code in HTML and CSS. Have fun!

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