How to Google translate a website

how to google translate a website
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It's very useful to know how to Google translate a website. The internet is a big place and you may on occasion stumble upon a website that isn’t in your native language. In these situations, it makes sense to translate a website with Google so you can still gain the information you need. 

It’s possible to translate a website through the Google Translate (opens in new tab) web app. This is done by copy and pasting the URL of a web page into the Translate text box and choosing the language you want to translate to from the drop-down menu. The page will open automatically in a new tab and be fully translated. 

While the above method works well, there is actually a much more convenient way to convert a website into your native tongue, which is to Google translate a website directly in your browser. This is both quicker than opening Google Translate and it allows you to fully navigate a website without having to individually translate each specific page. 

Below is our walkthrough on how to Google translate a website in the Chrome browser. Just follow the instructions and you’ll be able to browse the entire web regardless of what languages you come across. 

How to Google translate a website 

In order to Google translate a website directly in your browser, you will need to be using a fully up to date version of Google Chrome. If you’re not sure if Chrome is updated on your computer, consult our how to update Chrome guide.  

1. Open the website you want to Google translate. Firstly, simply navigate to the website you need to translate as normal.  

2. When visiting a website that isn’t in your browser's default language, a small icon should appear on the right-hand side of the address bar. Click this button to begin translating.   

How to Google translate a website - click icon

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3. Chrome will automatically detect the website's language. You can translate the website to your browser's default language by selecting it in the options box

Google will instantly translate the website and you can now browse its content as you would normally. 

How to Google translate a website - select language

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4. If you want to translate a website into an additional language, one that isn’t your browser’s default language, click the three dots button to bring up the option to “Choose another language."

This drop-down menu also lets you set Chrome to automatically translate specific languages in the future, which is helpful if you regularly visit foreign websites. 

How to Google translate a website - choose another language

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