How to change your Apple Watch app view

Apple Watch app view
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Knowing how to use the Apple Watch and knowing how to use it the way that's best for you are two different things. Take how you find apps on your Apple Watch, for example — you can actually change a setting that could make opening apps you need much easier.

When you set up your Apple Watch, you might have been prompted to select a preference for app view. In my experience, most people opt for Grid View, which I sometimes refer to as the app cloud. It's perhaps the more recognizable choice, and you'll find it when you click the digital crown on your Apple Watch.

I'm familiar with the Grid View, which displays all the best Apple Watch apps on my wrist using the app icons. I could find my settings, workout and messages app in the grid without looking. But I was recently with someone who just bought an Apple Watch 7 and they complained about never being able to find the app they're looking for.

I showed them how to change the Apple Watch app view to List View, which lists all the apps on their Apple Watch in alphabetical order. This way, they didn't need to rely on memorizing all the icons. They couldn't believe how much better using List View made navigating their Apple Watch.

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How to change Apple Watch app view

1. Open settings on your Apple Watch.

2. Select App View from the settings menu.

How to change Apple Watch app view

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3. Select List View instead of Grid View. Of course, if you prefer Grid View you can switch from List View to Grid View.

How to change Apple Watch app view

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4. Click your Digital Crown to see your apps in alphabetical order.

It's really that simple, and it could make a major difference, depending on how you like to use your Apple Watch. I personally am happy with the Grid View, but I know many others would prefer a List View. One of things I appreciate about the Apple Watch Is how it lets you personalize your experience.

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