How to add the Chrome dinosaur game widget to Android

Chrome dinosaur game
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You'll want to learn how to add the Chrome dinosaur game widget to Android if you're an avid cacti jumper and pterodactyl dodger. The dinosaur game is something Google added to the Chrome web browser to make it just a little more fun — and now you can access it straight from your home screen.

Originally, you’d only encounter this game if you lost your internet connection while browsing the web on Google Chrome. However, in the time since its release, it's become a bit of a cult pastime, and plenty of people play the game with or without internet when they probably ought to be working.

For all the Chrome Dino aficionados out there, there's also a way to make the Dinosaur game even easier to play, and that's by adding a widget to your Android home screen.

Sound totally anti-productive? Great! Here’s how you can add the Chrome dinosaur game widget to Android so you can access it with just a tap.

How to add the Chrome dinosaur game widget to Android

1.  On your home screen, tap and hold on an empty part of the screen. Then, tap the + icon in the top-left corner. 

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2. Scroll down to the “Chrome” section and tap Chrome Dino

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3.  Drag the widget to your preferred location on the screen, then tap done.

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4.  Tap the widget to start playing.

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Now, whenever you tap the Chrome Dino widget on your home screen, you’ll be taken straight to the game in your Chrome browser window. Perfect to spend your downtime between meetings or during a commute.

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