How to get HBO Max customer service

How to get HBO Max customer service
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Getting HBO Max customer service on the line wasn't exactly easy for me — which is why I hope you found this article very quickly. So, let's get you to the information you need to help your HBO Max situation get sorted out quickly. 

If you don't want to cancel HBO Max and just need customer support for one of the best streaming services, the process can be a bit tricky.

After finding the HBO Max customer service number, which isn't exactly listed in easy to find places, it took me 5 minutes to get a "customer advocate" (as HBO Max's phone tree calls them) on the line.

After the rep (whose name I'll keep to myself, for her privacy) answered the line, I pretty quickly knew I was talking to a human and not a bot because I explained I was calling to test this number for my call. The tone in her voice let me realize I was disappointing her. And then I did my normal test to see if she was a real person: asked what she'd had for dinner last night. She said "brisket," and I got hungry, instantly.

Unfortunately, I didn't have any real tech support I needed, so that was the end of that call. 

How to get HBO Max customer service on the phone

The phone number for HBO Max customer service is (855) 942-6669. This isn't actually listed anywhere on HBO Max's website. However, that number is listed on Xfinity's, and I was able to confirm it by calling it myself. 

Looking for technical support, all I had to do was dial that number and press "2" when I hit the first set of branching options in the phone tree.

How to get HBO Max customer service via the web and email

You can also get answers from HBO Max's online customer support database, which is located here, and you can also email them at

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