Amazon brings back its Echo Spot smart alarm clock with a new design

Echo Spot on nightstand
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Amazon just updated its Echo device lineup with a new smart alarm clock. The Echo Spot is a customizable Alexa smart speaker and alarm clock that aims to rival the best smart home devices we've tested. Its colorful screen displays essential info like the time, weather, and song titles from your nightstand. You can choose from three color options; Black, Glacier White, and Ocean Blue for $79.99/£79.99.

Right now, Prime members can get the Echo Spot for just $44.99 or £49.99 if they're based in the U.K. That's 44% off and joins some of the best Amazon Prime Day deals right at launch. You'll want to act fast as it'll only be on sale through July 17.

Echo Spot: was $79 now $44 @ Amazon

Echo Spot: was $79 now $44 @ Amazon
Add a smart alarm clock to your bedroom for Alexa music, voice controls, and weather info at a glance.

Echo Spot changes weather

(Image credit: Amazon)

You can use the new Echo Spot to wake up to your favorite songs, control your smart home, and even place calls. It comes in a variety of colors and there are dozens of unique clock faces to choose from — so it should be easy to fit with any room's aesthetic. Plus its directional speaker system should deliver a clean, vibrant surround sound.

If the Echo Spot looks familiar, that's because it was released a few years back in a different form. In our original Echo Spot (2019) review we appreciated its security camera and solid audio performance. With that said we found its small circular screen too cramped to enjoy watching content on it. In fact my colleague Mike Prospero wrote, "The Spot's screen is best used for brief updates, the weather and the time." which this model focuses on.

The Spot looks to be a great budget Alexa smart speaker but the limited screen functionality does make me question how it will hold up against the Echo Dot with Clock (5th Gen). That sphere-shaped speaker has excellent room-filling sound and can also show display basic text information like the time on LED lights. I'm looking forward to putting the two head-to-head over time to see how they compare.

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