NordVPN Meshnet: what is it and when should I use it?

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Rated as one of the best VPN services, NordVPN has recently added a great feature to suit those users looking to secure their work life with ease. 

NordVPN Meshnet allows anyone to create their own mesh VPN in a couple of clicks. "This feature release is a gamechanger and will truly transform how our users utilize NordVPN," says Vykintas Maknickas, Product Strategist at NordVPN. 

Here, the connection will not be rerouted through one of the many NordVPN servers. The traffic will instead travel across the devices connected to the network via encrypted tunnels. Users can link up to 60 different devices at the same time.  

Let's have a look at how NordVPN Meshnet works in practice and when you should consider using such a feature.  

What is NordVPN Meshnet? 

As mentioned above, NordVPN Meshnet is a new feature that allows users to build their own mesh VPN by linking up 60 different devices at once - no matter where they are in the world. 

Mesh VPNs differ from traditional VPNs as they use P2P technology to connect different points in a private network without the need to pass by a central gateway (one of the international NordVPN servers, here). 

Available for all operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android), Meshnet can turn anyone's device into their personal private server. There's no configuration needed, so even beginners will be able to enjoy this advanced technology in no time. 

How does NordVPN Meshnet work?

Powered by the in-house WireGuard-based protocol NordLynx for good security and performance, Meshnet assigns a special IP address to each devices that will work only into the mesh network. 

This might sound complicated, but the good news is that it's really easy to get started. As NordVPN Product Strategist Maknickas assures us: "All that’s needed is a NordVPN subscription."

To build up your own private network, start with switching on the Meshnet option on your NordVPN app across the devices you wish to connect. You can then invite other NordVPN users to join your network, too. Once the desired devices/users are all connected, type the special IP that's been allocated to you to access your new mesh network and start securing your workload. 

When should you use NordVPN Meshnet?

We already mentioned that the primary use of a mesh network is securing your workload. In fact, mesh VPN represents the most secure VPN solutions for businesses that want to safely connect their remote teams. 

At the same time, NordVPN Meshnet also opens up to a diversified range of new VPN uses. Below are some possible scenarios you might want to consider using such a feature: 

  • File sharing: With Meshnet you can safely share files among your colleagues, but also with your family and friends almost instantly. You don't even need to host these on a different server or cloud space. 
  • Gaming: Meshnet can be handy for gamers, too. Here, it will work as a virtual Local Area Network (LAN) instead. You will be able to play multiplayer games with your friends around the world without needing any LAN cables for doing so.
  • Virtual routing: You might be on holiday abroad and really need to browse via your own home IP address. A regular NordVPN connection can simply route your internet traffic through its available servers. With Meshnet, it will be redirected via the laptop you left home instead. 

While there are other mesh VPN and cloud network solutions on the market for corporate services, NordVPN Meshnet represents the first of such technology available across private VPN for everyday users.  

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