3 Star Wars shows to watch (and 2 to skip) on May 4

(L-R): Stellan Skarsgard (as Luthen Rael) and Diego Luna (Cassian Andor) on a speeder bike in ANDOR
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Let’s face it, "Star Wars" is in a state of frozen carbonite right now as it wrestles with newfangled avenues of storytelling and a galaxy full of unknown characters. From the upcoming “The Acolyte,” which drops viewers into the High Republic era, to the now-delayed “Skeleton Crew,” it’s a cosmos of uncertainty with "Star Wars in 2024" — and it may not find better success for some time. 

But there’s still so much to adore in its existing range of original Star Wars TV shows. Fans and casual viewers alike can find real escapes into the unknown through stellar picks on one of the best streaming services in Disney Plus — and it's the perfect time to experience the Force in all of its midi-chlorian-fueled glory this May 4. 

With those that are highly recommended comes a couple that you can easily skip. It is Star Wars, after all, and you don’t really need to watch everything to know what’s going on in the wider narrative. You could always watch the Star Wars movies in order for that, but these several picks won’t require an elongated history with the franchise.  

Just an appetite for roasted Porg and blue milk, of course. 

 3 Star Wars shows to watch 


Despite setting the fandom on fire, “Andor” isn’t just one of the best "Star Wars" TV shows — it ranks among the best shows, period. It’s a true escape into the confines of oppression, showcasing a galaxy ravaged by pain and uncertainty as the Empire’s grip grows ever more powerful across the stars. 

Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) of “Rogue One” fame takes center stage in the lead-up to his induction into the Rebel alliance. The story of “Andor” is led by Tony Gilroy, the mind behind some of the most epic thrillers in “The Bourne Identity” and “Michael Clayton.” His chops prove perfect for the setting, bringing to life a galaxy ever-on edge as it struggles to stay afloat against the growing evils of the Empire. 

Beyond Luna’s portrayal of Cassian Andor and Gilroy himself, this "Star Wars" epic corrals some of the top names in the business, including Stellan Skarsgard as Luthen Rael, Andy Serkis as Kino Loy, and Forest Whitaker’s Saw Gerrara. “Andor” is a must-watch show beyond just its "Star Wars" roots. And with "Andor" season 2 just around the bend, there's no better time to experience the rise of the rebel alliance. 

'Star Wars: Visions'

Ronin (voiced by Masaki Terasoma in Japanese and Brian Tee in the English Dub) in a scene from "STAR WARS: VISIONS” short, “THE DUEL”

(Image credit: Disney/Lucasfilm)

What makes “Star Wars: Visions” stand out from the rest on Disney Plus is its loose connection to the wider pantheon of lore in that beloved galaxy far, far away. You don't need to know much about "Star Wars," nor be a major fan to get (and appreciate) the various stories told throughout this animated treasure of a series. 

With a total of two seasons available right now on Disney Plus, "Star Wars: Visions" follows separate narratives that loosely explore the world of "Star Wars" without falling into the wider canon. Each episode is written and animated by a completely different studio, with the first season primarily being helmed by Japanese artists and its second taking on a wider net of creators from Spain, South Korea, Chile and more. 

Through that, cultural essences from these places are expertly woven into these tales, with iconic Star Wars beats still ringing true despite not falling into the main canon timeline. "Star Wars: Visions" is a beautiful meditation on what it means to be a fan of this franchise and explains almost as if through the Force itself why we love 'Star Wars".

'Star Wars: The Clone Wars'

One of the longest-running series under the Star Wars banner is still a must-watch icon, wrangling together a wide swath of characters from across its massive galaxy. As the title suggests, “The Clone Wars” follows in the wake of “Episode 2: Attack of the Clones” and leads right up to “Revenge of the Sith,” with its final few episodes ranking among the very best in all of Star Wars.

Although but mere animation, there’s a ton of emotion and feeling that comes across in this beloved Star Wars TV show. With seven total seasons, “The Clone Wars” provides ample content for viewers to get lost in and is the perfect bridge to other animated classics within the universe, including “Star Wars: The Bad Batch” and “Star Wars: Rebels.”

2 Star Wars shows to skip 

'The Book of Boba Fett'

Temuera Morrison as Boba Fett in Book of Boba Fett

(Image credit: Disney)

What otherwise could have been a fascinating look into one of the coolest characters in "Star Wars" turned out to be a total mess that, for many in the fandom, ruined its most fearsome bounty hunter. Temura Morrison returns to don the iconic helm once more in a tale that follows Boba Fett’s harrowing escape from the Sarlacc Pit and his rise over the underworld on Tatooine. 

On paper, “The Book of Boba Fett” sounds like an exciting escape into the world of "Star Wars" with one of its most daring villains, but it falls flat with a slew of uninteresting characters on a narrative through line that ends with little fanfare. Its most exciting beat yet saw well-known "Clone Wars" bounty hunter Cade Bane in live action taking on Cobb Vanth in a duel — and even that proved somewhat silly. 

Little else from the show is all too memorable, and it’s a real shame as Boba Fett remains one of the most beloved "Star Wars" characters. His story isn’t finished, though, as the bounty hunter will probably make a guest appearance in the highly anticipated ”The Mandalorian and Grogu” movie

'Obi-Wan Kenobi'

Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi

(Image credit: Disney)

It’s sad that two Star Wars shows bearing the name of highly-regarded characters come as its most unwatchable series, but it’s true — “Obi-Wan Kenobi” just isn’t it, in my humble opinion. Though there are some stellar sequences and a rematch of the century definitely qualifies it with some prowess, “Obi-Wan Kenobi” misses the mark in telling a grounded Star Wars adventure with Jedi-turned-hermit Obi-Wan (Ewan McGregor) at its helm. 

Many question why this show even exists aside from simply bringing McGregor and Hayden Christensen back together. The show revolves around Obi-Wan’s return from self-enacted exile on Tatooine as a young Princess Leia falls into the hands of seedy kidnappers. His presence in the outer galaxy becomes apparent, however, leading to the one-time Jedi Knight going toe to toe with his former padawan. 

But it all culminates in a convoluted way that could have been approached with a bit better feeling and purpose. For "Star Wars" fans and even Obi-Wan enjoyers, the Jedi's self-titled outing is little more than Bantha fodder. 

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  • xracer000
    I found And it dragged out and boring (although I didn't like Rogue One either). And, I own all the seasons of Clone Wars on DVD, and still haven't made it through a couple of episodes of the first season. And I haven't watched Visions yet.
    As for the other 2, as much as I have been a Boba Fett fan since I was a kid, the Boba Fett series was a major disappointment. But I really liked Obi Wan. (But I also like the Solo movie!)