My most anticipated Netflix movie of the year just scored 100% on Rotten Tomatoes — here's when you can watch it

(L-R) Natasha Lyonne as Rachel, Elizabeth Olsen as Christina and Carrie Coon as Katie in "His Three Daughters" streaming on Netflix in September 2024
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I’ve been keeping a close eye on “His Three Daughters” since its film festival debut in September 2023. After several months of waiting for a release date, it’s been confirmed that the Azazel Jacobs-directed drama flick will debut on Netflix later this year. 

“His Three Daughters” is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on Friday, September 20, 2024. However, the movie will be released in select movie theaters a few weeks earlier on September 6, 2024. This is fairly common with Netflix’s more prestigious original movies as a theatrical run is required to be eligible for nomination at awards shows such as the Oscars.  

Described as a “tense, captivating and touching portrait of family dynamics” the movie stars Carrie Coon, Elizabeth Olsen and Natasha Lyonne as a trio of estranged sisters who reconvene to care for their father when his health declines. Azazel Jacobs isn’t just on directing duties, the American filmmaker also wrote and produced this upcoming drama. 

There’s plenty of reason to be excited about this Netflix movie ahead of its September debut. “His Three Daughters” premiered at the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival to a rave reception, and currently holds a perfect 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. While this is from a relatively small sample size of 23 reviews, it’s a strong early indication of its high quality.

Robert Daniels of Screen International labeled the movie a “heartbreaking plunge into sisterhood and grief” and an “intensely composed elegy about the devastating effect of saying goodbye.” While Jordan Hoffman of The Messenger called it a “humble masterpiece.” Hollywood Reporter’s Jon Frosch said it’s “a sharp, tender tale of sisterhood under duress.”

Such a strong initial critical reception coupled with the amazing cast list that brings together three of my favorite actors, and it's no wonder my anticipation levels are spiking. "His Three Daughters" is shaping up to be a strong contender for best Netflix movie of 2024. 

'His Three Daughters' on Netflix — here’s what we know

At this point, after hearing about the movie’s stellar initial reviews, you’re probably eager to watch the first trailer for “His Three Daughters”. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there is no officially released trailer for the movie. In fact, details beyond a rough outline of the core plot and the cast list are pretty thin on the ground. 

As noted, it will star Carrie Coon, Elizabeth Olsen and Natasha Lyonne as a trio of siblings who reunite in the wake of their father’s health taking a turn for the worse, but we’ll have to keep waiting to get our first look at the three in these roles. However, based on the reviews, and the trio’s previous performances, I’m pretty confident it will be a very special Netflix original. 

Netflix has already had one major original hit in 2024, “Hit Man” with Glen Powell. This comedy-thriller managed to charm both critics and subscribers alike, but “His Three Daughters” could give it serious competition for the title of best new Netflix movie of 2024. The drama is also being touted as a potential awards player, so expect to hear lots more about “His Three Daughters” over the coming months.

While we wait for “His Three Daughters” to arrive on Netflix in September, there’s plenty you can stream right now including my favorite drama movie of the last five years which just arrived on the popular streaming service last week. 

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