New on Netflix: 5 movies and shows to watch this week (June 24-30)

Nicole Kidman, Joey King and Zac Efron in A Family Affair
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It's time to nosh on some new Netflix snacks. July is just a week away, and there's some delicious entertainment still left to close out June with, including a new rom-com in the form of the Nicole Kidman vehicle "A Family Affair". 

Zara (Joey King) feels like her life is ruined when she finds out mom Brooke (Kidman) is involved with her arrogant ex-boss. Hilarity (and awkwardness) ensues, but it isn't so funny for Zara, even though it seems Brooke and her new beau are getting closer than ever. Can their relationship actually work? 

You'll also want to check out "Owning Manhattan" if you're a fan of reality moguls. The glitz and glam of California's Sunset Boulevard moves to the high-stakes world of real estate in New York City, and it's no less of a glittery world thanks to world-famous broker and CEO Ryan Serhant. 

But that's not all, not by a long shot. Find the complete day-by-day rundown of what's new on Netflix below to close out June. 

New on Netflix this week: Top picks

'Kaulitz & Kaulitz' 

Kaulitz & Kaulitz | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube Kaulitz & Kaulitz | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube
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Former Tokio Hotel twin stars Bill and Tom Kaulitz invite viewers to step inside their personal sanctuary and experience a rare glimpse into their private lives. The twin brothers have made their home in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, where they rub shoulders with international celebrities as their next-door neighbors. This intimate reality series spans eight months, offering an unfiltered look at Bill and Tom's daily adventures as they juggle their global career, family life, and a road trip across the United States. 

Watch on Netflix starting June 25

'Worst Roommate Ever' season 2

Worst Roommate Ever: Season 2 | Sneak Peek | Netflix - YouTube Worst Roommate Ever: Season 2 | Sneak Peek | Netflix - YouTube
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Enjoy a second helping of "Worst Roommate Ever," a chilling true crime series that delves into the darkest corners of shared living experiences. This show isn't about the minor annoyances of living with someone, like stolen snacks or unexpected overnight guests. Instead, it chronicles the harrowing tales of individuals who found themselves sharing a roof with the most dangerous kind of roommate imaginable: the murderous kind. Each episode recounts the story of a living situation gone wrong, like a woman who ordered biological agents to sabotage her "best friend" or a seemingly innocuous man who ended up killing his landlord.

Watch on Netflix starting June 26

'That '90s Show: Part 2'

That '90s Show | Part 2 Official Teaser | Netflix - YouTube That '90s Show | Part 2 Official Teaser | Netflix - YouTube
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In the second installment of "That '90s Show", Leia Forman (Callie Haverda) embarks on what she hopes will be an unforgettable summer at her grandparents' Wisconsin home. However, beneath her carefree exterior, Leia has a secret that's weighing on her conscience. When Leia reunites with boyfriend Jay (Mace Coronel) after a nine-month separation, she finds herself grappling with the anxiety surrounding a dark chapter from her past. Jay has secrets of his own, and they could change everything in the friend group. 

Watch on Netflix starting June 27

'A Family Affair' 

A Family Affair | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube A Family Affair | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube
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Zara (Joey King) is the former personal assistant to a self-absorbed movie star named Chris Cole (Zac Efron). She sees her life thrown into chaos when she learns that her mother, Brooke (Nicole Kidman), has become romantically involved with Cole. Appalled by the revelation, Zara sets out on a mission to drive a wedge between the new couple. But as Chris and Brooke's bond deepens, it becomes apparent that their unconventional relationship may be more than just a fleeting infatuation.

Watch on Netflix starting June 28

'Owning Manhattan'

Owning Manhattan | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube Owning Manhattan | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube
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Netflix's collection of high-end real estate docuseries welcomes a new addition to its lineup with a new series showcasing the world of Ryan Serhant, one of New York's most prominent real estate moguls. "Owning Manhattan" gives viewers a look into the inner workings of Ryan's real estate brokerage, Serhant and showing off a different approach to the luxury property market compared to the rest of its Netflix counterparts. With years of experience under his belt, Ryan has enough grit to pull off the buys he does, and it's captivating watching it all unfold. 

Watch on Netflix starting June 28

Everything new on Netflix: June 24-30


"Little Angel" Volume 5


"Kaulitz & Kaulitz" (DE) (Netflix Documentary)
Twin brothers and superstars Tom and Bill Kaulitz offer a glimpse into their private lives in LA and Germany in this funny and intimate reality series.


"Love Is Blind: Brazil" season 4 (BR) (Netflix Series) (new episodes)
In this season, singles, once engaged or married, explore new romantic possibilities and make deep connections without seeing each other first.

"Worst Roommate Ever" season 2 (Netflix Documentary)
Roommate wanted? Desperation leads to danger — and even death — in one's own home as real-life nightmares of con artists, criminals and killers unfold.


"Drawing Closer" (JP) (Netflix Film)
With only a year left to live, 17-year-old Akito finds new meaning in life by bringing joy to a terminally ill girl who has just six months remaining.

"That '90s Show" part 2 (Netflix Series)
Hello Wisconsin! Leia Forman is back in her grandparents’ basement with her Point Place friends. It’s the summer of 1996, which means the gang is a year older and a year wiser – or so you’d hope. Now that school is out, this leaves room for more hook-ups, break-ups, and as much trouble as the friends can get into behind Red and Kitty’s backs.

"Unicorn Academy" Chapter 2 (CA) (Netflix Family)
When a rare constellation brings new magic to Unicorn Island, Sophia races to figure out whether it might have a connection to her missing father.


"A Family Affair" (Netflix Film)
A surprising romance kicks off comic consequences for a young woman, her mother and her movie star boss as they face the complications of love, sex, and identity.

"Hoarders" season 14

"The Mole" season 2 (Netflix Series)
The Mole is an unpredictable, high-stakes competition series hosted by journalist Ari Shapiro. In this version, twelve players work together in challenges to add money to a pot that only one of them will win at the end. Among the players is one person who has secretly been designated "the Mole" and tasked with sabotaging the group's money-making efforts. In the end, one player will outlast their competition and expose the Mole to win the prize pot.

"Òlòtūré: The Journey" (NG) (Netflix Series)
Working undercover as a sex worker in Nigeria, a young journalist out to expose corruption fights for her life as she forges a path to Europe.

"Owning Manhattan" (Netflix Series)
In this new Netflix reality series, Owning Manhattan gives a look inside the glamorous, adrenaline-filled universe of high-stakes real estate in New York City. World famous broker and CEO Ryan Serhant will stop at nothing as he builds his brokerage and goes after the most exclusive luxury listings in the city. And he's not alone: he's leading an ambitious army of agents on a mission to become the #1 brokerage in the world.

"Savage Beauty" season 2 (ZA) (Netflix Series)
With the face of Bhengu Beauty on the run, the family wrestles over control of their empire as they each fight for their own future.


"Alone" season 10

"NCIS" seasons 16-17

"The Smurfs" season 2

Leaving Netflix This Week

Leaving 6/25/24

"Dirty Grandpa"
"The Imitation Game"

Leaving 6/28/24

"Meg 2: The Trench"

Leaving 6/29/24

"NCIS" seasons 1-11

Leaving 6/30/24

"28 Days"
"A Nightmare on Elm Street"
"A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge"
"A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors"
"A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master"
"A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child" "A Single Man"
"The Holiday"
"Hotel Transylvania"
"Hotel Transylvania 2"
"Inside Man"
"Kill Bill: Vol. 1"
"Kill Bill: Vol. 2"
"Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa"
"National Lampoon's Animal House"
"Out of Africa"
"Shrek Forever After"
"Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby"

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