A24’s 'We Live in Time' trailer with Andrew Garfield and Florence Pugh just dropped — and I’m not emotionally prepared for this movie

(L-R) Andrew Garfield as Tobias and Florence Pugh as Almut in A24's "We Live in Time"
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I’ve spent the last few weeks rewatching some of the best A24 movies to help me put together our recently published ranking of the entertainment company's best films. But if the new trailer for its upcoming movie “We Live in Time” is any indication, we may soon need to reshuffle the ranking, as this romantic drama looks amazing.  

The first trailer for “We Live in Time” just dropped today (July 10), and this two-minute teaser gives us an early glimpse at a movie that looks set to have audiences everywhere reaching for a tissue. To say this drama looks emotionally charged would be a serious understatement, and if the trailer alone is this much of a tear-jerker, I’m bracing myself to leave the theater a blubbering mess. 

The drama comes from director John Crowley, who helmed 2015’s gorgeous romantic drama “Brooklyn”, and will star Andrew Garfield and Florence Pugh. A24 isn’t revealing too many details at this stage, but the movie’s logline reads: “An up-and-coming chef and a recent divorcée find their lives forever changed when a chance encounter brings them together, in a decade-spanning, deeply moving romance.” Now that seems like a recipe for almost guaranteed tears. 

We Live In Time | Official Trailer HD | A24 - YouTube We Live In Time | Official Trailer HD | A24 - YouTube
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'We Live in Time' looks beautiful but tragic

The first “We Live in Time” trailer is decently long, and while I’m hoping a few cards are being held close to the chest, it does work as a pretty effective mood-setter and gives us insight into a few plot details. 

For starters, it appears that Tobias (Garfield) and Almut (Pugh) first meet in a pretty strange way, namely Almut hits Tobias with her car. Well, that would certainly make for a more interesting answer to the infamous “How did you meet question?” than “We met on Tinder."

The trailer also flashes across various moments of their lives together. We see them seemingly celebrating some form of anniversary, finding out that Almut is pregnant and various other happy moments from a life well lived together. But things take a darker turn in the back half of the trailer as it appears that Almut is diagnosed with an illness that greatly tests the couple's bond.  

I’ll be honest, much as I enjoyed this trailer, and this first look has resulted in “We Live in Time” rocketing up my most anticipated movies list (“Alien: Romulus” remains an immovable pick at the very top), I do think it’s a little too spoiler-filled for my liking. 

So, be warned, it gives a pretty comprehensive snapshot of the movie. Watch at your own discretion. 

'We Live in Time' release date — here’s when you can watch it

If the “We Live in Time” trailer has captured your attention, naturally you’ll be wondering next when you can watch the movie yourself. 

The A24 drama is currently scheduled to premiere at the 2024 Toronto International Film Festival in early September, but if you can’t make it out to the Great White North, you won’t have to watch too much longer for a theatrical release. 

“We Live in Time” is set for a limited U.S. theatrical release on October 11, 2024. A24 is sorting distribution in the States, but StudioCanal will handle it in the other key markets including the U.K. and Australia. Unfortunately, no release date has been announced for these regions, but fingers crossed it's also in October. 

In the meantime, if you’re wondering what movies are hitting the big screen throughout the summer to keep you distracted, we’ve got a guide to the best summer movies.

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