This massive 75-inch LG 4K TV just crashed to $579 at Best Buy

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I’ve been keeping a close watch on discounted TV over the past few weeks and I’ve just spotted one of the cheapest big-screen television deals ever. 

Right now, this LG 75-inch 4K Smart TV is on sale for $579 at Best Buy. That’s a sizeable $220 off its regular retail price of $799. This is one of the lowest prices I’ve ever seen for a 75-inch TV. And while it’s not an OLED or a QLED model — understandable considering the price — it still easily qualifies as one of the best TV deals available right now.

LG 75" 4K TV: was $799 now $579 @ Best Buy

LG 75" 4K TV: was $799 now $579 @ Best Buy
This massive 75-inch LG 4K TV has been slashed by more than $200 at Best Buy, which drops it to just $579. This is one of the cheapest big-screen TV deals we've ever seen. This TV offers full 4K images, as well as upscaling capabilities. You also get out-of-the-box access to all the streaming services you could want, as well as in-built Amazon Alexa support for voice control. 

It may sound obvious, but 75-inch is a seriously big screen size. So before committing to purchasing this LG 4K TV make sure you’ve got enough room in your living room or chosen location. Fortunately, while this TV may be very large, its overall profile is remarkably slim. Not to mention it's a full 4K model offering UHD images and LG’s Quad Core Processor to upscale non-4K content. In short, whatever you’re watching will look better than ever.  

As a smart TV, you’ll also have access to all the best streaming services right out of the box. From Netflix to Disney Plus, Prime Video to Apple TV Plus, the only difficult part will be deciding what to watch first. And thanks to inbuilt Amazon Alexa support you can scroll streaming libraries with just your vocal cords. 

Gamers looking for a big-screen experience on a budget may also want to consider this television. There’s a dedicated Game Optimizer mode that tweaks settings for the best play experience possible. But this LG model only offers a 60Hz refresh rate so it’s not fully equipped to take advantage of the PS5 and Xbox Series X

There’s a lot to like about this LG 4K TV, but it is important to note that you will be making some sacrifices when it comes to premium features. But if you want as much screen real estate as possible at a (relatively) cheap price, this Best Buy deal is hard to beat. However, if you’d like to consider some alternatives, be sure to check out our roundup of the best TV deals

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