Sony INZONE H3 headset is perfect for PS5 — and just dropped to $78

Sony INZONE H3 Gaming Headset with a Tom's Guide deal tag
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In order to truly enjoy some of the best PS5 games, you’ll want to be using a proper gaming headset for an immersive audio experience. After all, resorting to low-quality in-built TV speakers should always be a last resort. Fortunately, we’ve just spotted a big discount on a Sony-made set of gaming cans. 

Right now, the Sony INZONE H3 Gaming Headset is on sale for $78 at Amazon. That’s a saving of $21 compared to the full retail price of $99, and it’s also the lowest price we’ve ever spotted for this particular headset. This is definitely one of the best PS5 accessory deals currently available.

Sony INZONE H3 Gaming Headset: was $99 now $78 @ Amazon

Sony INZONE H3 Gaming Headset: was $99 now $78 @ Amazon
The Sony INZONE H3 Gaming Headset is an entry-level gaming headset designed for PS5 and PC. It packs 360 Spatial Sound, as well as consistently clear communications via its flip-up boom microphone. It's also super comfy even during long play sessions thanks to its ergonomic design. And your audio experience can be further customized thanks to the INZONE Hub. 

Part of Sony’s INZONE gaming headset lineup launched last year, the H3 is designed primarily for the PS5 but is also a great pick for PC gamers. It boasts 360 Spatial Sound, which could give you the edge in competitive online gaming as you’ll know exactly when rivals are heading towards you, and from where. 

Your teammates will have no trouble hearing you either as the flexible flip-up boom microphone ensures communication is always clear. And now that Discord has been properly integrated with the PS5 console via a system update, you can even use this headset to speak to squadmates playing on different gaming platforms including Xbox. 

If you want to customize your audio experience you’ll find the INZONE hub has all the options you could need. And this headset can also be easily adjusted for a fit that is comfortable even during multi-hour play sessions. However, it is a wired headset which could be a dealbreaker for some but this does have the benefit of providing greater audio clarity and there's also no need to worry about battery life.  

If you want an even more premium pick the Sony INZONE H9 Gaming Headset is on sale for $278 at Amazon. This top-of-the-range headset packs Dual Sensor Noise Canceling and an Ambient Sound Mode. Plus, it’s a fully wireless headset with a lengthy 32-hour battery life. The Sony INZONE H9 is certainly pricy, but it’s a strong accessory for serious console and PC gamers alike.   

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