Quick! PlayStation Plus membership is 50% off and even cheaper than Black Friday

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If you’re planning some online PS5 gaming over the holiday season, then you’re in luck because Sony just slashed the price of a new PlayStation Plus membership. In fact, a membership to PlayStation’s online subscription service is now the cheapest it's been in 2022 — but there is a catch with this deal. 

Right now, a 12-month PlayStation Plus Essential subscription is on sale for $29 on the PlayStation Store. That’s $30 off its usual price of $59. This half-off deal drops a subscription down to its lowest price of the year. For now, this discount appears to only apply to the Essential tier, but it could be rolled out for Extra and Premium memberships in the coming days. This offer runs through Tuesday, December 20. 

PlayStation Plus Essential (12 month): was $59 now $29 @ PlayStation Store

PlayStation Plus Essential (12 month): was $59 now $29 @ PlayStation Store
A 12-month PlayStation Plus Essential has been slashed by 50%, dropping it down to $29. This is the lowest price we've seen on PlayStation's online membership in 2022. With a PlayStation Plus membership you get full access to online play, exclusive PlayStation Store discounts, cloud storage and a rotating selection of monthly games. 

Let’s get the bad news right out of the way first: This deal is only available to new or returning PlayStation Plus members. Unfortunately, if you still have some time left on a pre-existing subscription you cannot take advantage of this deal to extend your membership an extra 12 months at a discounted rated. That’s disappointing but not wholly unexpected as Sony has pulled this move in the past. 

If you are new to PlayStation Plus, or have let a previous subscription lapse, this deal is practically unbeatable in terms of value. For 12 months you’ll have full access to everything PlayStation Plus Essential has to offer. That includes the ability to play games online, cloud storage, exclusive PlayStation Store discounts and access to a rotating selection of monthly games — December’s offerings include Mass Effect Legendary Edition and Biomutant.

PS5 owners also get an access perk: the PlayStation Plus Collection. This is a static collection of 19 PS4 games that you can download and play at no extra cost. It’s a pretty fantastic library as well with heavy-hitting titles including God of War (2018), Bloodborne, Resident Evil 7 and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. It’s one of PlayStation Plus’ most overlooked perks, and if you’re a PS5 owner you definitely want to give these critically acclaimed games a try.

This will almost certainly be the best PlayStation Plus deal of the year, and in fact, it could be the last chance to save on a membership for several months. That’s because Sony typically offers its first PlayStation Plus discount of the year during its annual Days of Play promotion, which is usually held in the summer. So, don’t miss this chance to save on PlayStation Plus ahead of the holiday gaming season. 

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  • Outlaw2942
    My PlayStation plus expired over one year ago. I add playstation essential to my cart. It's $59.99. doesn't seem to apply to any previous ps plus accounts. Only new ones.