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It's been nearly a year since launch and PS5 restock is still proving extremely tricky to track down. In fact, there’s been some suggestion that the PS5 stock woes are set to continue until 2023. So if you want to buy a PS5 this holiday season you’re going to need every advantage you can get. 

After spending a whole year tracking PS5 restocks, we have a large collection of useful tips as well as plenty of retailer-specific advice. However, the one thing that anyone looking to secure a PS5 absolutely has to do is follow a PS5 restock tracking account on a social media site like Twitter. 

There are hundreds of accounts on Twitter and Facebook dedicated to tracking PS5 restocks. All of them are competing for your attention, hoping that when you finally buy your console the tip-off will come from them. However, in our experience, some accounts have proved to be more reliable than others.

That’s why we strongly suggest following a reliable stock tracking account. Below you’ll find a range of dependable stock tracking accounts to follow in both the U.S. and the U.K. to help you track down a PS5 restock on either side of the pond. 

Before getting into our picks of the best stock tracking accounts to follow, we’d also strongly advise you to bookmark our PS5 restock hub. This comprehensive article is updated daily with the latest stock information and rumors, plus it contains all the retailer links you need. 

Why you need to follow a PS5 restock tracking account 

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If you’re wondering why you even need to follow a social media account dedicated to tracking PS5 restocks, then allow us to explain. 

Unfortunately, the day when you can just walk into your local store or log on to your preferred online retailer and buy a PS5 without hassle is still a long way off. The demand for the PS5 continues to significantly outpace supply even almost a year on from its initial launch. 

When a restock does occur every minute counts, being even a few seconds ahead of the rest can be the difference between securing a coveted order confirmation email and walking away empty-handed. Unfortunately, Big retailers aren’t in the habit of announcing when they have new stock, so you need to be ahead of the competition if you want to be successful. 

That’s why PS5 restock tracking accounts are so helpful; they will alert you the second stock is available and the best ones can even give you insider information ahead of time so you can be prepared for a drop before it's happened. 

Actively following even one account can dramatically improve your odds of being successful when it comes to finding a PS5 restock. If you really want a PS5 as soon as possible, you need to be following the accounts below. 

The best PS5 restock tracking accounts to follow  

Below are the most reliable PS5 restock tracking accounts in our experience. Following one or more of these accounts will not guarantee you a PS5 console, but it’ll tip the odds in your favor. As you might expect, the more you follow the better chance you have of being alerted to a drop right as it begins. 

PS5StockAlerts: The name pretty much says it all. This account is dedicated to alerting its followers to PS5 restocks. It’s got around one million followers for good reason. This account also won’t spam your feed with anything unrelated to the PS5, which some other stock tracking accounts are guilty of. 

Matt Swider: US Editor-in-Chief of our sister site TechRadar, Matt Swider, has converted his personal Twitter account into a hub for all the PS5 restock information you could need. He’s helped lots of people secure a PS5 with his alerts, plus he also tracks Xbox Series X restocks and GPU restocks as well. 

Jake Randall: A YouTuber with excellent sources at Target, Jake Randall is worth following for his expert buying advice. He has guides for each individual major retailer which break down how to buy a PS5 console from each one. Plus, he’s also a very inspirational person who uses his Twitter account to both track PS5 restocks and spread positivity. 

Wario64: One of the most well-known PS5 restock tracking Twitter accounts, Wario64 has amassed more than one million followers. While they’re often among the first to post about restocks, they do tweet an awful lot of links each day to non-PS5 products. So you’ll have to accept some unrelated stuff when following this account.   

The best PS5 restock tracking accounts to follow in the U.K. 

While some PS5 restock tracking accounts attempt to cover restocks across the globe, we recommend following ones dedicated solely to your region to avoid the inevitable disappointment of getting a stock alert that doesn’t apply to you. These are the best stock tracking accounts for gamers in the U.K. looking to buy a PS5. 

PS5StockAlertUK: This account does exactly what it says. It’s the biggest PS5 restock tracking account in the U.K. with nearly 150k followers and is typically among the first to report any restocks. 

UKPS5Notify: This account tracks both PS5 and Xbox Series X restocks, and also posts about GPU restocks as well. If you looking to buy a next-gen console in the U.K., then it’s definitely worth giving them a follow. 

PS5ukalerts: One of the less flashy accounts on this list, this account is excellent if you want to avoid being spammed with non-PS5 related posts.  

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