Essential PS5 restock tips — here's how to secure your PlayStation 5

PS5 restock
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PS5 restocks are still a nightmare, even six months on from the launch of the console. Demand for the next-gen PlayStation is still vastly outweighing supply and with the news that Sony is expecting stock issues to continue plaguing the console until at least 2022, the situation likely won’t improve anytime soon. 

The competition to secure a PS5 remains extremely fierce. Every single restock involves thousands of gamers desperately trying to receive that elusive order confirmation email, and unfortunately in the PS5 restock game there are usually more losers than winners. 

That’s why it’s crucial to avoid making some common PS5 restock mistakes. While we can’t give you a secret formula that will guarantee you a PS5 in the next wave of restocks, follow the advice below and the odds will undoubtedly be tipped in your favor.  

Don’t wait for stock to come to you 

When it comes to bagging a PS5, it’s a numbers game. Every single restock at a major retailer has more customers trying to buy than units available, so odds are at least some people are going to be left unhappy.  

Usually, it’s the people who haven’t been actively tracking stock drops who come away without a console, as they show up to the restock when it’s already over and finished. You can’t sit around and expect to buy a PS5 when it suits you, you need to be proactive and try to find out about restocks ahead of time (where possible).  

Make sure to bookmark our PS5 restock guide for the latest stock information as we get it, and if you have Twitter following PS5 stock tracking accounts such as @mattswider and @Wario64 is a must.  

Stick to major retailers

PS5 restock

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Unfortunately, massively in-demand items like the PS5 tend to draw scammers looking to profit off the naivety of others. Don’t reward scammers with your hard-earned money, stick to buying a PS5 from a major retailer that you’re familiar with. 

I’ve personally been contacted by a reader who nearly bought a PS5 from a retailer that was far from legitimate, and TechRadar’s Matt Swider has been messaged by hundreds of people on Twitter who have taken a scammers bait and been ripped off.

Remember the PS5 is an extremely sought-after system that even major retailers are struggling to keep in stock, if some website you’ve never heard of claims to have stock it’s likely a scam. The same is true of resellers on social media, they’re just looking to make easy money off a few suckers. Don’t be one. 

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Don’t give up quickly 

You might not know this but most retailers restock the PS5 in waves. So if say Target restocks the console at 9 a.m., it won’t actually put all allocation of stock up all at once. It’ll slowly drip feed stock to help lessen the load on its payment servers.  


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This can mean that if you stick around during a restock and keep trying to buy the console you can actually get lucky, as other customers will have given up and assumed the PS5 is again out of stock, freeing up space in the queue. 

The console will eventually sell out, of course, but if you’re giving up after just a couple of attempts at adding the console to your cart then you’re unlikely to score a console anytime soon. Persistence is key. 

Every retailer restocks differently 

No two PS5 restocks are the same. Every retailer has a different best approach. Trying to buy a PS5 at Target is very different from trying to buy one at Amazon. Don’t assume you can just follow the same steps at every retailer, you need to learn the ins and outs of each to stand the best chance of coming away from a PS5 restock with a console. 

For example, Amazon has a nifty little trick that involves making use of the retailer’s wishlist function. However, this same method doesn’t work at Best Buy. Do you see my point? You need to learn the individual process for each retailer in order to stand the best chance of success. 

Luckily we have a guide to each major retailer that will run you through each one's specific buying advice. Follow those tips and next time there's a PS5 restock you’ll know exactly what you need to do to come away victorious. 

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