Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is $1,799 — but this deal saves you $1,000

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4
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A $1,799 smartphone is a tough sell in today's economy. Yet, that's precisely what Samsung is asking consumers to dish out for its new Galaxy Z Fold 4. Sure, it packs new cameras, slimmer bezels, and a stronger inner screen, but that price is still a tough pill to swallow.

Even BTS opted for the (slightly) cheaper Galaxy Z Flip 4 during the Samsung keynote. 

But it doesn't have to be that way because there are plenty of Galaxy Z Fold 4 preorders that can knock as much as 50% off Samsung's new foldable. To be fair, cell phone deals can be very finicky because carriers require that you jump through a lot of hoops before you're eligible for their deals. That's what makes Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 4 deal my personal favorite. 

They're offering Tom's Guide readers an exclusive deal of up to a $1,000 credit with trade-in of any Galaxy phone in any condition. Emphasis on "up to" because you'll need a newer Galaxy to get the full amount. However, Samsung is guaranteeing you'll get at least $300 when you trade-in a Galaxy device in any condition, which is great if you have a busted Galaxy device you've been trying to offload.

You'll also get a free storage upgrade (512GB for the price of 256GB) and a free Standing Cover with S Pen ($89 value), and a $200 Samsung credit via our exclusive link.

Galaxy Z Fold 4: up to $1,000 off w/ trade-in @ Samsung
Exclusive deal!

Galaxy Z Fold 4: up to $1,000 off w/ trade-in @ Samsung
Exclusive deal!
If you're looking for the most freebies, you'll want to preorder at Samsung. You'll get a free storage upgrade, $200 Samsung credit, and free phone cover with S Pen. Additionally, you'll get a $300 Samsung credit when you bundle Buds2 Pro and Watch5 or Watch5 Pro with your Z Fold 4. These exclusive deals are available for a limited time only.

Meanwhile, AT&T is also offering up to $1,000 off, but you'll need to buy your phone via a 36-month installment plan, which essentially ties you to the carrier. (That's fine if you're already an AT&T member or have been thinking of switching). 

Amazon usually offers a free gift card or significant price cut on Samsung phones, but as of this writing they're offering the Galaxy Z Fold 4 at list price. (I recommend checking their product page later this week as they're bound to offer some discounts in the coming days). 

There is more light at the end of the tunnel in that Labor Day sales are right around the corner. So if you're sold on Samsung's new phone, it could pay to wait a few days before making your purchase. (Also, make sure to read our guide to the best Samsung promo codes for more ways to save on Samsung gear). 

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