Forget Resident Evil 4 — the best horror remake of the year is now just $8 on Xbox

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What. A. Deal. Black Friday season may have gone underground until next year, but that doesn’t mean the team at Tom’s Guide can’t help you find great discounts on all manner of products through the holidays. And the product in question surrounding this amazing offer? Probably my favorite game of the year.

Right now, Dead Space Digital Deluxe Edition is on sale for just $7.99 if you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. That’s an astonishing 90% savings, seeing as this masterful horror title normally retails on the Microsoft Store for $79. This astounding deal is also available in the UK, where the Dead Space Digital Deluxe Edition is available to buy for £7.99 if you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 1 month subscription: $16.99 @ Best Buy

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 1 month subscription: $16.99 @ Best Buy
The breakout gaming subscription service gives you day one access to first-party Xbox games, like Forza Horizon 5 and Halo: Infinite. You'll also see lovely indie titles pop up on Game Pass regularly, like charming mountain climbing adventure Jusant. Oh, and with Ultimate, you can also play titles on your PC. 

Hot damn is that some deal.

We’re massive fans of Isaac Clarke’s remake, as you can tell from our glowing Dead Space review. It’s an impeccably handled redux and arguably every inch as good as this year’s wonderfully nerve-shredding Resident Evil 4 do-over. What a year it’s been for fans of survival horror.

In my opinion, the Dead Space remake is well worth $80, let alone $8.

In my opinion, the Dead Space remake is worth $80, let alone $8. This is a game I (somewhat embarrassingly) played through five times on PS5 to unlock its Platinum trophy. Yes, yes, I clearly need to go out and get one of those “life” things.

Motive Studio did an incredible job on the remake, and there’s no question this is one of the best looking games on both PS5 and Xbox Series X. Oh, and the devs sensibly fixed the boss clashes against The Leviathan, which were teeth-gnashingly bad in the 2008 original.

To further sweeten this already awesome deal, the Digital Deluxe version of Dead Space throws in five exclusives cosmetics, spanning three unique suits for Isaac to don and an additional duo of exclusive suit textures. Hey, you gotta look your best when covered in all the Necromorph viscera, right? 

If you’re a fan of survival horror and own either an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S and didn’t pick up the Dead Space remake when it launched back in January, don’t sleep on this incredible deal.   

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