Act fast! My favorite Wi-Fi water sensors hit their all-time lowest price for Cyber Monday

Govee WiFi Water Detector
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One of the best Cyber Monday deals you can still get is Govee's Wi-Fi water detectors. Add these to your home and you'll be alerted if water drips or leaks instantly. Each sensor is equipped with a blaring 100dB audible alarm and sends a push notification to your phone if triggered. That way you can act fast to check out the situation or prevent catastrophic damage whether you're home or away from your property.

Right now, you can get Three Govee Wi-Fi water sensors for $29 at Amazon. This is a historical low for this device at over $25 off its normal price—a small price to pay when the average flood causes around $30,000 in damage. 

Govee WiFi Water Sensor (3 Pack): was $55 now $29 @ Amazon

Govee WiFi Water Sensor (3 Pack): was $55 now $29 @ Amazon
Monitor your smart home for leaks with these connected sensors. If a drip or flowing water is detected the sensor will send a real-time notification to your smartphone with which room triggered the alert so that you can act quickly.

Every home should have internet-connected water leak detectors. At $30 think of these alarms as a form of insurance—they give you the peace of mind that all is well even when you're away. I've been through two floods in the past ten years, with the most recent being a slow but devastating event from a severed dishwasher line. If I had a Wi-Fi leak detector I would've been alerted to it while I was away from home to stop the damage. 

I snagged these Govee sensors up because of their smarts and price. It also didn't hurt that I already have Govee smart lighting scattered throughout my house already. They sync up with the app effortlessly and are small enough to slide away discretely. I keep one in my basement laundry room, another in my bathroom, and the last in my kitchen. 

They're sensitive enough to detect when I take a steamy shower and I get notifications on my phone plus a backup email alert. And since they're IP66 rated they'll be durable and waterproof enough to let me know something's wrong even if they're randomly submerged in a flood. While I of course hope I never have to deal with a flood again, at least I'll know and be able to act or at minimum salvage important items in time.

Hunter Fenollol
Senior Editor, Smart Home

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