Sony Makes the PlayStation 3 Slim Official, $299

Earlier today we uncovered pretty good evidence from K-Mart that there would be a new, slimmer PlayStation 3 coming very soon. And now Sony has made it all official.

At Sony's GamesCom media event in Cologne, Germany, all rumors were confirmed as the PS3 Slim was announced to be real.

Sony hasn't yet released official press shots yet (but we'll post those as soon as they're out), but from the slides shown at the conference, many of the leaked shots appear to have been legitimate.

The new PS3 slim measures 33 percent smaller, 36 percent lighter and consumes 34 percent less power. It'll also pack a 120 GB hard drive as a middle ground between the current 80 GB and the 160 GB SKU. The 120 GB size will also put it head-to-head with the Xbox 360 Elite.

Besides the new hardware, perhaps the biggest news is that the PS3 Slim will also bring with it a much slimmer price tag of $299, or 299 Euros, or 29980 yen.

For those of you who've been on the fence about buying a PS3, does this new hardware and price do it for you?

UPDATE: Click here for the official pictures.

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  • After many months of Sony saying there was no price cut in sight, finally a breather for PS3 fans.
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  • yes im most interrested in PSN games so this price cut is gonna help for sure, also less heat = less noise so this is definatly an upgrade.


  • After many months of Sony saying there was no price cut in sight, finally a breather for PS3 fans.
  • About time they dropped the price. I can honestly tell you while the new price is attractive for once. I will still wait until the PS3 has games worth buying. At the moment the only games on the system that I would buy are ratchet and clank and maybe the Drakes Fortune (forget the name of the series).

    Sony has really let me down with RPG's this generation. Thankfully Micrsoft surprised the hell out of me. I will buy a PS3 sooner or later though for Versus XIII if they don't decide to make that 360 as well.