South Koreans Use Sausages as iPhone Stylus

One of the annoying things about a capacitive touchscreen is that unless you're using your bare hands, you can't do anything. When the iPhone launched, some women complained that they couldn't use the device if they have long fingernails. With the advent of Android and the release of touchscreen phones from every company under the sun, resistive touch screens have become less common.

While most people prefer capacitive touch, it can make things difficult in cold weather. Fingerless gloves are pretty much your only option, unless you want to forgo gloves altogether. However, some creative south-Korean smartphone owners have come up with a better solution: sausages.

As long as you don't mind your gloves or phone smelling like hotdogs or breakfast sausages, this should work out great.

(Via Engadget)

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  • tenaciousleydead
    haha, what're those little condoms on them?
  • Anonymous
    P.S. that guy about to pee on the entrance door... me :3
  • mlopinto2k1
    Huh, never knew that about capacitive screens. Just tried it and no, it didn't work, but I tried a thin piece of material and that worked. I used a sunglass pouch. It worked. Apple should be held responsible for this. People are gonna be walking around with condom covered sausages or frozen hands. Bastards.
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  • tenaciousleydead
    haha, what're those little condoms on them?
  • bustapr
    haha, those look more like vibrators than sausages.Complete with a lighting tip.:)
  • deadlockedworld
    I'm confused-- I thought the touchscreen sensed electrical current? Or is that just the patent filed for the next generation?