Saatva RX vs Purple Plus: Which mattress for joint pain should you buy in Memorial Day sales?

Saatva RX vs Purple Plus mattress comparison image shows the Saatva RX on the left and the Purple Plus on the right
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In this Saatva vs Purple comparison, we’re looking specifically at the Saatva RX and the Purple Plus, two mattresses designed for easing back and joint pain during sleep. Even though these are hybrid mattresses, their construction is markedly different. 

The innerspring hybrid Saatva RX is the best mattress of 2024 for all sleepers, while the Purple Plus is the brand's most popular bed-in-a-box beyond the original Purple Mattress. We've slept on and reviewed both of these mattresses, awarding them high scores for their ability to ease back and joint pain.

They each offer enhanced lumbar support and cushioning of pressure points across the body, but beyond that there are several key differences between the Saatva RX vs Purple Plus mattresses that can help you choose between them in the Memorial Day mattress sales

There’s quite a big difference in price, with a queen Saatva RX reduced to $2,895 at Saatva in the sales, and a queen Purple Plus reduced to $1,899 at Purple. Not sure which to invest in? Here’s how to choose between the Saatva Classic vs Purple Plus in this year's Memorial Day sales…

Saatva RX vs Purple Plus Mattress: Specs

We know from testing that the best hybrid mattresses offer a great balance of support and comfort, and that's down to their use of a memory foam and coils. The Saatva RX and the Purple Plus are made from a combination of coils and foams, with an emphasis on easing back and joint pain, and reducing pressure points. 

Here's how the Saatva RX versus Purple Plus mattress compare in terms of specs:

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Row 0 - Cell 0 Saatva RX Purple Plus
Type:Innerspring hybridGelFlex Hybrid
Layers: 75
Firmness (1-10):4-6 (we rated it at 7.5)6-7.5
Trial:365 nights100 nights
Warranty:Lifetime10 years
Price (MSRP)From $1,995From $1,499

Saatva RX vs Purple Plus Mattress: Price & trial

  • Saatva regularly offers up to 15% off the RX
  • Purple mattress are occasionally up to $400 off
  • Saatva has a 365-night trial compared to 100 nights at Purple

Image shows the Saatva RX mattress on a grey fabric bedframe next to a large window overlooking a busy city

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Although both mattresses sit in the premium price bracket, the Saatva is considerably more expensive than the Purple, even with the evergreen discounts Saatva offer. You can normally get 12-15% off the Saatva, or we’ve sometimes seen tiered money-off deals where the discounts increase with the size of the bed – you can keep track of the discounts at our Saatva mattress sales page. 

Memorial Day sales take a queen down to $2,945 which, whilst a generous discount, isn’t the cheapest we’ve seen the mattress (we’ve seen it discounted to $2,801 previously). Still, this is a great price if you’re in the market for this specialist bed.

Purple sales aren’t nearly as ubiquitous as Saatva’s, with major discounts reserved for the big holiday events and the occasional flash sale. Currently there’s $300 off all mattress sizes for Memorial Day, taking a queen down to $1,599. But we have previously seen slightly larger discounts, with $400 off the mattress, but you’ll undoubtedly have to wait for the Black Friday sales or a flash sale to see this. 

Saatva’s extras blow Purple out of the water, with a 365-night trial to Purple’s 100, lifetime warranty to 10 years, and free white glove delivery that will cost you $200 with Purple. However, returns are free with Purple, while Saatva will charge you $99. 

Saatva RX mattress: was from $1,995 $1,795 at Saatva

Saatva RX mattress: was from $1,995 $1,795 at Saatva
The Saatva RX is designed for sleepers with chronic back and joint pain and we rate it as the best mattress for back pain overall. It's one of Saatva's most expensive mattresses – even on sale a queen cost $2,895 (was $3,295), but if you need the extra back pain relief and support then we feel it's well worth the investment. You'll also get a 365-night trial, lifetime warranty and free white glove delivery. 

Purple Plus mattress: was from $1,499 $1,199 at Purple

Purple Plus mattress: was from $1,499 $1,199 at Purple
We mattress testers rate the Purple Plus highly for its unique feel and support for joint pain. Purple mattress sales aren't as reliable as Saatva's deals, so this current discount is definitely one to jump on. Right now there’s $300 off the Purple Plus for Memorial Day, with a queen reduced to $1,599. You’ll also get a 100-night trial, a 10-year warranty, and free shipping.

Saatva RX vs Purple Plus Mattress: Materials & design

  • The Saatva RX is 15” tall compared to the Purple at 11"
  • Both hybrid mattresses are made with coils and foam
  • Both are designed to reduce pain and relieve pressure

They might both be hybrids, but the Saatva and Purple are quite different under the covers. The Saatva RX starts with an organic cover along with the same lumbar zone quilting and memory foam layer as the Classic, although the memory foam here is gel infused.

Up next is a layer of 1” micro-coils supported between two slabs of high-density foam for pressure relief and support. Individual 2” foam modules made from an open cell foam similar to latex help enhance contouring and reduce motion isolation.

An image showing inside the Purple Plus Mattress to reveal all its layers

(Image credit: Purple)

They’re also infused with graphite and phase-change material or temperature regulation. These sit on top of individually wrapped 8” coils, with firmer spring coils around the perimeter for added edge support. The mattress is finished with a non-woven base layer to stabilize the mattress.

The Purple Plus has a softflex knit cover, like its cheaper cousin the Purple Original, one of our best mattresses in a box recommendations. The cover is breathable and designed to optimize the GelFlex grid below it. 

As you might have guessed, the grid layer is directly below the cover and the mattress has 2” of this proprietary gel-like elastic polymer that magically manages to be both soft and firm where you need it to be. There are also thousands of holes in this layer to help keep the mattress breathable. 

Next up is a layer of edge support foam to increase support, followed by a layer of ultra-comfort foam for pressure relief and support. The mattress is finished off with 3” of base support foam for stability.

Saatva RX vs Purple Plus Mattress: Comfort & support

  • The Saatva RX comes in one firmness option and we rate it as a 7.5/10
  • We rate the Purple Plus as a 6/10 around the arms and 7.5/10 for the spine
  • Both hybrid mattresses offer a little sinkage

The Saatva RX has been specifically designed for sleepers with chronic or serious back and joint pain. In our Saatva RX mattress review our testers found that the mattress did a superb job of delivering balanced support and pressure relief for most sleepers with back and joint pain.

Side sleepers felt the mattress provided the perfect balance of comfort and support, with the cushy top layers providing pressure relief around the shoulders and hips.

Image shows the different layers inside the Saatva RX mattress for back and joint pain

(Image credit: Saatva RX)

Again, lightweight side sleepers may find the RX too firm. Back sleepers and front sleepers also enjoyed the RX, with plenty of support to keep the spine aligned and the hips raised. 

Because it’s a responsive surface, it’s also easy to change positions meaning it’s ideal for combination sleepers as well. Although Saatva rate the mattress at around 4-6/10, we felt it was firmer and rated it at 7.5/10.

The Purple Plus does the remarkable job of feeling both soft and firm where needed. In our Purple Plus mattress review we found that the mattress was soft under the arms and legs, while firm around the spine and the lower lumbar areas. This means that it’s a mattress that can appeal to all sleeping styles and body weights. 

The mattress is also firmer than you might expect, but it’s cushioned and comfy with plenty of support and pressure relief throughout the mattress. Motion transfer is also minimal, making this a great choice for couples. This is a mattress that will suit many people, but the feel of the grid is unique and might not be to everyone’s taste.

Saatva RX vs Purple Plus Mattress: Temperature control

  • The Saatva RX has a breathable cover and gel infused foam
  • The Purple Plus’ grid layer is full of thousands of cooling air holes
  • Both regulate temperature well and remain cool to the touch

A woman with dark hair and dressed in lilac coloured pyjamas sits on the edge of the Purple Plus Mattress Purple Plus Mattress

(Image credit: Purple)

With both mattresses being hybrids, you’ll be getting plenty of airflow through the well-spaced coil layers. The Saatva’s cover is made from cotton and is nicely breathable, helping to wick away sweat and moisture. 

There’s also only a small amount of foam in the mattress, and the RX’s memory foam is gel-infused, although it’s such a thin layer it’s unlikely to make a huge amount of difference. And of course, the coils provide airflow as we’ve already mentioned. 

The Purple Plus offers exceptional cooling, thanks mainly to the thousands of cooling air holes in the GelFlex grid layer. There’s also a layer of higher density foam in the Plus than in the original Purple mattress (which features in our best cooling mattress round up), which Purple say is two to three times more breathable. One of our testers said it was the most cooling mattress they’d ever slept on.

Saatva RX vs Purple Plus mattress: Which should you buy?

Buy the Saatva RX mattress if…

You suffer with severe and chronic back and joint conditions: The Saatva RX is specifically designed for chronic conditions such as sciatica and arthritis and is designed to give you maximum pressure relief to help alleviate pain.

You have a bigger budget: If money is no option and you suffer with serious back issues, the Saatva RX is worth the extra for its very specifically designed support.

You want a traditional innerspring feel: The Saatva RX is an innerspring hybrid, using the modern technologies of hybrid mattresses, whilst providing a traditional innerspring feel to sleepers.

Buy the Purple Plus mattress if…

You sleep hot: The Purple Plus offers superior cooling with its breathable foam and grid layer with thousands of tiny air holes. Our testers felt cool and comfortable throughout the night.

You suffer with joint pain: The Purple Plus offers firm support where it’s needed around the spine and the lower lumbar region, doing a particularly impressive job of easing joint pain.

You're a combi sleeper: The unique feel of the Purple Plus grid means that the mattress flexes with your sleeping position and provides the right amount of firmness however you sleep.

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