How much do Purple mattresses cost and where can you find the cheapest prices?

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Purple mattresses are a popular bed brand with a unique approach to comfort, so they can command a high price. If you're wondering how much a Purple mattress costs, we've compiled where to find the best deals on Purple beds – including up to $500 off mattresses at Purple.

With a pressure relieving feel to rival the beds in our best mattress guide, Purple mattresses use GelFlex Grid technology to provide adaptable support. We've tested several Purple mattresses and awarded them all high scores, including the flagship Purple Original and Purple Plus. Purple beds are expensive but strategic shopping can save you money.

There are several Purple mattress deals currently live thanks to the 4th of July mattress sales. In this guide, we'll explore where you can buy a Purple mattress, plus how to find the best deal.

Purple mattress cost: how much can you expect to pay?

The majority of Purple mattresses sit in the premium price tier, with a few in the upper-mid price bracket. There's also the PurpleFlex mattress, which has an MSRP of an upper mid-range bed ($1,299 for a queen) but is frequently discounted to mid-range in the sales.

There are three Purple mattress collection: the cheapest Essential collection, the premium Restore hybrid collection, and the ultra-premium Rejuvenate luxury hybrid range. 

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The Purple Original is the best seller of the Essential collection, with an MSRPs of $1,499 for a queen (now $1,399 in the sale). At the other end of the scale is the Purple Rejuvenate Mattress. This luxurious hybrid has a queen MSRP of $5,495, but it's currently reduced to $4,995 in the sale. The Restore collection sits somewhere in the middle, with the queen MSRP starting at $2,399 (on sale for $2,099).

With such a large range to choose from, it's important to determine which Purple mattress suits your sleep style. Our guide to buying a Purple mattress in the 4th of July sales can help you discover which bed is right for you.

Here's a full breakdown of each Purple mattress's price range and current sale price:

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MattressMSRPSale price
PurpleFlex$699 - $1,599$499 - $1,399
Purple$999 - $2,198$899 - $1,998
Purple Plus$1,499 - $3,198$1,199 - $2,898
Purple Restore$1,999 - $3,998$1,699 - $3,698
Purple RestorePlus$2,549 - $5,098$2,249 - $4,798
Purple RestorePremier$3,249 - $6,498$2,849 - $6,098
Purple Rejuvenate$4,495 - $8,990$3,995 - $8,490
Purple RejuvenatePlus$5,495 - $10,990$4,995 - $10,490

Where to find the cheapest Purple mattress prices

Purple operates an official online mattress store where you can buy a Purple mattress direct from the brand. Purple mattress sales are semi-frequent, but hard to predict. The biggest saving is typically $400 off each size, but this rare discount only comes along occasionally.

Third-party sites, such as Amazon, Walmart, and Costco, also stock Purple mattresses. However, they tend to have the same deals and pricing structure as the official brand site, which means you'll rarely get a Purple mattress cheaper shopping third-party. 

Overall, when shopping online, we recommend buying direct from Purple. This will typically get you the best benefits (such as warranty and returns), plus improved customer service. And as the sales price are typically the same, you won't miss out on a discount.

Purple Rejuvenate Mattress in a luxury bedroom

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However, sometimes third-party retailers will offer unexpectedly big discounts, especially on old or discontinued stock (Purple does have a tendency to refresh the collections from time to time). When the saving is big enough, it might be worth sacrificing some extras and shopping third-party.

Purple has also partnered with select brick and mortar locations to offer in store Purple mattress shopping. There are advantages to both buying a mattress online or in store, so consider which shopping style suits your needs best. Or use a combination of the two – test the bed in store, think over your choices, and order online.

Top 3 Purple mattress deals this 4th of July

PurpleFlex Mattress: was from $699now $499 at Purple

PurpleFlex Mattress: was from $699 now $499 at Purple
The cheapest option in the Purple range, the PurpleFlex contains the same GelFlex Grid as the more expensive mattresses, providing adaptive support. There's up to $400 off the PurpleFlex, with the best saving on the full size (down from $1,199 to $799). The queen has a comparatively smaller saving, reduced by $300 to $999. However, Purple rarely reduces its cheapest mattress by much, so now really is the time to shop.

PurpleFlex Mattress: was from $699now $499 at Purple

PurpleFlex Mattress: was from $699 now $499 at Purple
cheapest option in the Purple range, the PurpleFlex contains the same GelFlex Grid as the more expensive mattresses, providing adaptive support. There's up to $400 off the PurpleFlex, with the best saving on

Purple Restore Hybrid Mattress: was from $1,999now $1,699 at Purple

Purple Restore Hybrid Mattress: was from $1,999 now $1,699 at Purple
Adding springs beneath the GelFlex Grid gives the Purple Restore Hybrid a super supportive feel that stretches from head to toe. There's $300 off all sizes, but you can increase your discount to $600 by adding a base to your purchase. In the sale, a queen is down to $2,099 (was $2,399).

Are Purple mattresses worth it?

Purple mattresses have a unique feel that's courtesy of the GelFlex Grid. This flexible layer sits just beneath the surface of all Purple mattresses, and the grid shape allows it to conform closely to your body shape. This provides a responsive pressure relief that feels both soft and firm at the same time, depending on how much support each part of the body needs.

With all that in mind, Purple mattresses are largely worth the money. The flexible pressure relief has earned the Purple Plus a place in our guide to the best mattresses for back pain, and the breathable build landed the Purple Original a spot in our best cooling mattress hub. Expensive, but you do get a lot for your money. 

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