Eight Sleep vs Sleep Number Bed: Which smart mattress should you buy in Memorial Day sales?

The Eight Sleep Pod 4 smart mattress cover on a bed (left) and the Sleep Number i8 Smart Bed on a bed frame (right)
(Image credit: Eight Sleep / Sleep Number)

Smart beds and mattresses use cutting-edge technology to help you get the best sleep possible. But longer, better sleep comes at a higher price compared to standard mattresses – which is why Memorial Day is a great time to shop for one. Especially if you're considering buying either an Eight Sleep smart mattress cover or a Sleep Number smart bed.

Smart sleep innovator Eight Sleep is offering a slightly higher discount than normal, so you can save up to $150 on the Eight Sleep smart mattress cover at Eight Sleep. Sleep Number is running a sale too – save up to 50% on smart beds at Sleep Number this Memorial Day. 

There's a lot to wrap your head around when choosing, so let's look at some of the basics between these two. Eight Sleep is a smart mattress cover that slips over your existing mattress to give it smart capabilities, such as sleep tracking and independent cooling/heating on each side. Sleep Number makes smart mattresses with integrated sleep tracking, health tracking and other functions. 

In this guide, we're comparing the Eight Sleep smart mattress cover vs Sleep Number smart beds in key areas such as price, design and comfort, to help you pick between them in the Memorial Day mattress sales. And if you decide to keep shopping for something different, take a look at our best mattress guide for our top recommendations across memory foam, hybrid, cooling and latex mattresses.

Eight Sleep vs Sleep Number Bed: specs

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Header Cell - Column 0 Eight Sleep Pod 4Sleep Number i8 Smart Bed
Type:Smart cooling mattress coverSmart adjustable firmness all-foam mattress
Trial period:30 nights100 nights
Warranty:2 years (Standard), 5 years (Enhanced)15 years
Price: From $2,449 (MSRP)From $3,399 (MSRP)

Eight Sleep vs Sleep Number Bed: price & trials

  • Both are premium buys, which is expected for a smart bed
  • Eight Sleep Pod 4 also requires a monthly app subscription
  • Sleep Number has the better benefits, including a 15-year warranty

Eight Sleep and Sleep number are both brands leading the smart bed charge. To access this innovative sleep technology, you do have to pay a premium price tag. Here, we're focusing primarily on the Sleep Number i8 Smart Bed, which we rate among the best smart beds and mattresses, and the newly released Eight Sleep Pod 4. 

The Eight Sleep Pod 4 queen has an MSRP of $2,549, and sales are rare. You'll also have to pay for a subscription to the Eight Sleep Autopilot app, which will set you back $15 a month for a Standard plan, or $24 a month for an Enhanced plan (each plan covers two users).

The Sleep Number i8 Smart Bed has an MSRP of $3,999 for a queen, but sales can get you a hefty saving, so it's worth waiting for a discount. Are Sleep Number beds worth it? They're premium buys, but you fo get a wealth of features for your money, so they might justify the high cost. 

As Eight Sleep and Sleep Number are premium brands, you might expect premium benefits to match. Unfortunately, both fall short here. Sleep Number offers a 15-year warranty and only a 100-night trial, while Eight Sleep lags behind with a 30-night trial and 2-year warranty (upgraded to 5 years if you choose the Enhanced plan).

Eight Sleep Pod 4 smart mattress cover: $2,449$2,348 at Eight Sleep

Eight Sleep Pod 4 smart mattress cover: from $2,449 $2,348 at Eight Sleep
Released just in time for Memorial Day, the Pod 4 is the latest in cooling sleep technology. Eight Sleep sales are rare, so take advantage of this offer and save $100 on all sizes. A queen is now only $2,449 (was $2,549).

Sleep Number i8 Smart Bed: $3,399$2,379.30 at Sleep Number

Sleep Number i8 Smart Bed: from $3,399 $2,379.30 at Sleep Number
There's currently 30% off all sizes of the Sleep number i8 Smart Bed for Memorial Day, saving you up to $1,739.70. A queen is now only $2,799.30 (was $3,999) but the biggest saving is on the (very similar) 360 iLE Smart Bed, which is 50% off at Sleep Number

Eight Sleep vs Sleep Number Bed: design

  • Eight Sleep Pod 4 is a smart cooling mattress topper with connected hub
  • Sleep Number i8 Smart Bed is a foam mattress with air chambers
  • Both can be upgraded with an additional base

The Eight Sleep Pod 4 is a smart cooling mattress cover (not a mattress). The system consists of two parts: the mattress cover, designed to fit over your existing bed. And the control Hub, which sits next to your bed. 

The smart cooling mattress cover is fitted with a series of sensors. As well as helping dictate the temperature, these sensors record health and sleep data, which can be accessed via the connected Eight Sleep Autopilot app.

The Sleep Number i8 Smart Bed is a 12-inch tall mattress consisting of multiple foam layers and air chambers. The air chambers are used to adjust the firmness of the mattress, while the layers of foam provide the comfortable cushioning.

Two people sleep comfortably on a bed fitted with the Eight Sleep Pod 4 Ultra smart cooling mattress cover and adjustable base system

(Image credit: Eight Sleep)

But both Eight Sleep and Sleep Number are companies focused on innovation, so of course it's not quite that simple. There are plenty of additions you can make to the Eight Sleep Pod 4 and the Sleep Number i8 to make your bed smarter and, possibly, better.

The Eight Sleep Pod 4 can be upgraded to the Pod 4 Ultra. Featuring the temperature control smart mattress cover of the Pod 4, the Pod 4 Ultra adds a smart adjustable base that sits between your mattress and the bed frame. You can also add a foam mattress and an optional leg kit, to transform your Pod 4 into a full bed. Learn more with our guide to the Eight Sleep Pod 4 Ultra.

Sleep Number also gives you the option of adding an integrated base. You can keep things basic or you can upgrade to an adjustable base featuring head and foot elevation. And for the ultimate comfort, consider the adjustable bed base with integrated foot warmer.

Eight Sleep vs Sleep Number Bed: support & comfort

  • Eight Sleep Pod 4 is a mattress cover that fits over your current mattress
  • Sleep Number is an all-foam bed with adjustable firmness
  • Eight Sleep Pod 4 makes minimal changes to the feel of your bed

The Sleep Number i8 looks like an obvious winner here, for the simple fact that it contains an actual mattress. Even better, it's a mattress with adjustable firmness, which means it can be altered to suit your needs (even if those needs change every night).

However, the Eight Sleep Pod 4 does have its own comfort benefits. Ultra-thin and made using dynamic materials, the Pod 4 should hardly disrupt the feel of your bed. So if you place it on the best luxury mattress, you can still feel that premium bed beneath.

The Sleep Number i10 Smart Bed on a bed frame, with graphics indicating the adjustable firmness

The Sleep Number i10 Smart Mattress (Image credit: Sleep Number)

In addition, reviews indicate that the Sleep Number i8 lacks bounce, which might be an issue if you like to move around in the night. The Eight Sleep Pod 4, which can be used with the most responsive of the best hybrid mattresses, might be a better choice for combination sleepers. 

But the Sleep Number i8 Smart Bed does have an ace up its sleeve with the firmness adjustments. This allows the mattress to respond to your needs, feeling softer or firmer depending on your mood, your sleep position that night, and any aches and pains you need to consider. And dual zoning allows you to alter the feel on each side of the bed – so you can call off that sleep divorce

Eight Sleep vs Sleep Number Bed: temperature regulation

  • Eight Sleep Pod 4 provides adjustable cooling and heating
  • i8 Smart Bed has good temperature regulation, but no climate control
  • Upgrade to the Sleep Number Climate360 for temperature control

Layers of ceramic gel infused throughout the Sleep Number i8 draw heat away during the night to keep you sleeping comfortably. This temperature regulation rivals some of the best cooling mattresses, but it's still outshone by the Eight Sleep.

With the Eight Sleep Pod 4 you can pick the temperature you fall asleep at, whether you like things icy cold or comfortably cool. Dual zones allow you to change the temperature on each side of the bed, while smart sensors detect heat fluctuations to maintain the chosen feel overnight. 

Temperature regulation is at the heart of the Eight Sleep system, but Sleep Number does have a comparable choice. The Sleep Number Climate360 offers adjustable firmness and temperature control, so you can completely fine tune the feel of your bed. But it's an expensive upgrade – a queen has an MSRP of $9,999.

Eight Sleep vs Sleep Number Bed: which should you buy?

Buy the Eight Sleep Pod 4 if...

You prioritize cooling: Incredible temperature regulation is the focus of the Eight Sleep Pod 4, with a water based cooling system giving you total control over the climate of the bed.

✅ You like the feel of your current mattress: The Eight Sleep Pod 4 promises to slip onto your current mattress, with a thin and dynamic build that means you hardly know it's there. Ideal if you like everything about your bed – apart from the temperature regulation.

✅ You experience extreme weather conditions: Capable of cooling and heating in even adverse conditions, the Eight Sleep Pod 4 can keep you dozing happily in snow storms and heat waves. 

Buy the Sleep Number i8 Smart Bed if...

Your support needs change regularly: A twinge in the elbow requires some softer cushioning? Or maybe an aching knee could benefit from a firmer support? We don't all have the same sleep needs night after night, and the adjustable firmness of the Sleep Number i8 reflects that.

✅ You and your partner have different sleep styles: If you lie on your stomach and your partner curls up on their side, it can be hard to find a bed that suits you both. The Sleep Number i8 uses dual zone adjustments to keep the firmness level just right for you and your fussy partner.

You need a whole new bed: Unlike the Eight Sleep Pod 4, the Sleep Number i8 is an actual mattress. So if you want a brand new bed and you only want to make the one purchase, this is your best choice.

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