Do you need a queen bed or can you sleep better and save money by choosing a full mattress in the sales instead?

A side-by-side comparison of full vs queen mattress sizes
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If you're deciding between buying a full vs queen mattress, there are a lot of things to consider. Queen mattresses are the most popular bed size sold in the US as they offer enough room for couples without costing as much as an imposing king size. However, full mattress come with their own benefits, especially in terms of saving space and money. 

All beds in this year's best mattress guide come in a full and queen size, so there are plenty of high-quality mattresses out there no matter which size you pick. When choosing between a queen vs full mattress, the most important things to consider is your budget, room, and whether or not you share a bed. 

Here we'll explore the pros and cons of a full mattress and a queen mattress, and which size is best for your sleep. We've also rounded up the best mattress deals still live in the extended 4th of July mattress sales, so you can snag a bargain for a limited time, too. 

What is a full size mattress?

A full mattress is larger than a twin and twin XL but slightly narrower and shorter than a queen, measuring at 54 inches wide and 76 inches long. Full mattress are also  a cheaper and more practical option for solo sleepers who need some extra room but don't need as much room as a queen offers. 

Couples who don't need too much space can also sleep on a full, but people who share a bed with restless sleeper or have larger bodies or bedrooms may want to choose a queen instead.

What is a queen size mattress?

A queen mattress is the most popular US mattress size, measuring at 80 inches long and 60 inches wide. Queen beds are cheaper, shorter, and narrower than king and Cal king sizes, but are slightly larger and more expensive than full mattresses.

The best queen mattresses offer couples enough space when sharing a bed, and fit inside most bedrooms. Their also better for solo sleepers who have heavier bodies or taller frames due to its longer and wider measurements. 

3 signs you could get away with a full size mattress

1. You have a smaller budget

Full mattresses tend to be cheaper and are much better value for solo sleepers who find twin sizes too cramped. Queen mattress tend to be more expensive than full mattresses, and it's considered a bargain if you find a queen for under $500. 

There are, on the other hand, many high-quality full mattresses available for under $500. In fact, a typical price range for a full is $500 to $1,600, compared with a $700 to $1,800 range for a queen.

2. You need space, but not too much

Queen mattresses can fit into a lot of bedrooms, but they aren't as space-saving as a full. Full mattresses make a great addition to smaller apartments or bedroom, saving you some room and making any space look bigger. It's also the perfect measurement for couples who do not need as much individual room as a queen offers.

3. You're a solo sleeper

Full mattress offer enough space for solo sleepers who feel too restricted by a twin or twin XL bed, and need more wriggle room without spending money on a larger bed that takes up too much of their bedroom. In fact, a queen size may feel much too wide if you sleep solo and may even feel a little excessive. 

3 top-rated full size 4th of July mattress deals - still live

1. Full Leesa Studio Mattress:$699now $489 + free sleep bundle at Leesa

1. Full Leesa Studio Mattress: was $699 now $489 + free sleep bundle at Leesa
Leesa's best budget mattress offers quality comfort at a low price. In fact, our Leesa Studio hands-on review our tester compared its pressure relief to the that of the luxury Tempur-Pedic beds. There's usually 25% off the Leesa Studio with two free pillows, but the 4th of July 30% off sale is still here and includes a free bedding bundle instead. This means a full is under $500, at just $489. 

2. Full DreamCloud Memory Foam Mattress: was $1,399 now $699 at DreamCloud Sleep

2. Full DreamCloud Memory Foam Mattress: was $1,399 now $699 at DreamCloud Sleep
The downside of the popularity of a queen is that they can sell out pretty fast. Take the memory foam model of the DreamCloud mattress, which has now run out of queen sizes (along with king and Cal king). However, there are plenty of full sizes available, and their half off at $699. 

3. Full Lucid Memory Foam Mattress:was $299 now $209.99 at Lucid Mattress

3. Full Lucid Memory Foam Mattress: was $299 now $209.99 at Lucid Mattress
This mattress is rarely on sale, so this one-day only 30% off deal is the one to shop. It takes a full size medium-feel mattress down to $209.99, while you can pay around $10 more if you want to upgrade to a plush or firm feel. 

3 signs you need a queen size mattress

1. You share a bed 

Bed-sharing couples will need a mattress that provides enough room for both sleepers, especially if you or your partner is a restless sleeper or has a heavier build. Queen mattresses can also be good for couples with different sleep positions, as some sleep styles (such as the "starfish" stomach sleeping position) require more room. The same goes for those who overheat at night, as a cramped space can make a hot sleeper feel stuffy and sweaty. 

2. You're a solo sleeper with a taller or heavier build

While a lot of solo sleepers can get away with sleeping on a full mattress, some individuals may sleep easier if they're on a queen. For example, those with heavier bodies may enjoy the extra width of a queen while taller sleepers may feel better with the extra length. 

3. You have a larger bedroom

Queen mattresses can fit into a lot of bedrooms, but they also look better in larger master bedrooms. While a king can look good in larger spaces, a queen can fill the room without dominating it, while also allowing for extra space. A full, on the other hand, may feel too small in a larger bedroom. 

3 top-rated queen size 4th of July mattress deals - still live

1. Queen Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Lacey 13" Firm Mattress: was $1,149now $849.99 + adjustable base at Mattress Firm

1. Queen Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Lacey 13" Firm Mattress: was $1,149 now $849.99 + adjustable base at Mattress Firm
The Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Lacey 13" Firm Mattress is designed to give support to back and stomach sleepers, along with a breathable design for hot sleepers. A queen size is now not only on sale for $299 off, but it also comes with an adjustable bed base - not available with a full size. 

2.Queen Saatva Classic Mattresswas $1,39 now $1,195 at Saatva

2.Queen Saatva Classic Mattresswas $1,395 now $1,195 at Saatva
Our top reccomendation in our best hybrid mattress guide, Th Saatva Classic impressed testers for our Saatva Classic mattress review with its customizable firmness and height options and generous extras, including free white glove delivery. The 4th of July Saatva mattress sale is still live, taking a queen-size Classic down to $1,795.. 

3.Queen Siena Memory Foam Mattress:was $799now $399 at Siena Sleep

3.Queen Siena Memory Foam Mattress: was $799 now $399 at Siena Sleep
Our Siena Memory Foam Mattress review praised this bed's tremendous value along with its sturdy support and temperature regulation. A permanent $300 off Siena mattress deal means you can always bring home a queen Siena mattress for under $500 $199, regularly costing $399.

Why does mattress size matter?

When looking for a mattress, it's important to remember that size really does matter. For example, if you co-sleep, you need to factor in how much you and your sleeping partner needs. If you're a solo sleeper, you need to think about whether you can get along fine with a twin or twin XL or if you'd like some more room with a full or queen. 

Another thing you need to remember when choosing a mattress size is your home. If you live in a smaller house or apartment, then you'll need a bed that will fit and won't take too much space. For more info, visit our complete guide to choosing a mattress size

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