Are Saatva mattresses organic? Here’s what I discovered

Saatva Classic Luxury Firm mattress on a black bed frame
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Saatva is one of the most well-known luxury sleep brands in America, and as a mattress tester I’m often asked, ‘Are Saatva mattresses organic?’ The answer to this question depends on whether you mean fully organic – as in 100% certified organic materials used from base to cover – or some organic materials mixed in with non-organic, yet still non-toxic, materials.

Saatva is the brand behind our top recommendation for the best mattress of 2024 for all sleepers, the Saatva Classic luxury innerspring hybrid. The Classic isn’t a 100% organic mattress, yet it does include what Saatva refers to as ‘organic components’. You’ll see the words ‘eco-friendly’ popping up a lot with Saatva mattresses, but what does that phrase actually mean?

Here I take a close look at the materials used to make various Saatva mattresses and whether they can be classified as organic or not. 

What are Saatva mattresses?

Saatva is a premium sleep brand that handcrafts hybrid, latex and premium memory foam mattresses in America, with 14 domestic factories to its name. Saatva makes some of the best luxury mattresses my team and I have tested, and supplies all of its mattresses with a 365-night sleep trial, lifetime warranty and free mattress installation with old bed removal (White Glove Delivery).

Saatva Classic

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I think the best Saatva mattress for most sleepers is the Saatva Classic, but if you want a fully organic mattress the Classic isn’t right for you. It’s made with an organic cotton cover, treated with a plant-based antimicrobial infusion called Guardin (wards off mold and mildew), and is made with Certi-PUR foam (low-VOC and non-toxic) with ingredients derived from corn oil and soybean.

When some cheap mattresses use fiberglass as a flame retardant, Saatva uses a natural thistle flame barrier. And the support coils are made from recycled steel. While these materials are natural and fall into the eco-friendly bed category, the Saatva Classic is not a fully organic mattress. 

Saatva Classic:was from $1,395now $1,195 at Saatva

Saatva Classic: was from $1,395 now $1,195 at Saatva
The Classic luxury innerspring hybrid is available in three firmness levels and two heights. A feature called the ‘lumbar crown’ sits in the middle third of the mattress to boost lumbar support, making the Saatva Classic a good choice for people with general aches and pains. It’s usually discounted in monthly Saatva mattress sales with up to $300 off the largest sizes. A queen Classic costs $1,795 (was $2,095) right now, which is competitive for a handcrafted hybrid of this standard. Comes with a year’s sleep trial, lifetime warranty and free installation.

So are other Saatva mattresses organic? Let’s take a look…

Are Saatva mattresses organic?

I’ve spent a lot of time researching the spec for each Saatva mattress and while it’s clear that some models, such as the Saatva Classic, the Saatva Memory Foam and the Saatva RX are not organic, the line is blurred for others. All Saatva mattresses are fiberglass-free and non-toxic, but the closest I can see to an organic Saatva mattress is the Saatva Latex Hybrid.

It’s made from GOLS certified organic natural latex, plus GOTS certified organic New Zealand wool and recycled steel coils. It would be a strong alternative to anyone considering the Avocado Green Mattress, though it is more expensive – $2,095 for a queen Saatva Latex Hybrid at Saatva vs $1,799 for a queen Avocado Green Mattress at Avocado Mattress

The Latex Hybrid is also treated with the same Guardin antimicrobial treatment to naturally ward off mold and mildew, with GOTS certified organic wool to wick away sweat and act as  a natural flame barrier. The GOLS certified latex also carries GreenGuard Gold and eco-INSTITUT certifications to guarantee its free of pollutants. 

Saatva Latex Hybrid Mattress in bright bedroom

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A second Saatva mattress that contains a high mix of organic materials is the Saatva Zenhaven, the brand’s only dual-sided mattress and one made from organic latex. Like the Latex Hybrid it’s a good choice for hot sleepers searching for a naturally cooling mattress, and it offers better motion isolation than the slightly bouncier Latex Hybrid. 

However the Saatva Zenhaven uses eco-INSTITUT certified and GOLS certified latex foam, as opposed to non-foam latex in the Latex Hybrid. 

What organic mattress certifications should you look for?

Organic materials certification and verification comes from industry recognized organizations – their job is to assure you (consumers) of the organic validity of a material. The main three you’ll come across are:

GOTS – Global Organic Textile Stanard

GOLS – Global Organic Latex Standard

certiPUR-US – a certification given to flexible polyurethane foams that meet specific safety and environmental standards

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