This $119 Nintendo Switch Bag Is Classy Enough for the Boardroom

WaterField has long been making premium Nintendo Switch cases that you can feel comfortable carrying into a business meeting without getting suspicious looks. This focus on sleek minimalism continues with the company’s new $119 Sutter Sling Pouch: a small, soft and sturdy case that houses your Switch while leaving room for basic essentials like your phone, headphones and charging cables.

I’ve been using the Sutter Sling Pouch for a few weeks now, and find it to be a good companion for when I want to take my Switch to work but don’t want to toss it in my bulky messenger bag. The fact that it’s a little more subtle than the Super Mario-themed PDP case I normally use doesn’t hurt, either.

The 10 x 6-inch Pouch comes in two variations — a rugged tan canvas model with chocolate leather and a black nylon variation with full-grain black leather — both of which look more like slick, high-end purses rather than something you’d use to carry a game system around in. My tan review unit came adorned in etchings to give it its rugged aesthetic, making it look like it’s seen a few adventures even before I took it out of the box.

I found it easy to adjust the bag’s strap via its metal lock, which allowed me to loosen it and let it hang low like my daily messenger bag. The 12-ounce bag is impressively light, and I often forgot I was even wearing it as I rode the subway.

The Sling Pouch has a solid amount of storage for both Switch accessories and everyday essentials. There’s a soft-coated front pocket that I used to store my AirPods and a few work documents, as well as a roomy interior with two internal pockets that provided ample space for my long USB-C cable.

My review unit came with Waterfield’s $19 Switch Taco, which comes free with the Sling Pouch until Feb. 25 exclusively at this link. This tight, foam-padded shell helps keep the Switch stable and secure, with a shock-absorbing exterior that comes in attractive waxed canvas and ballistic nylon variations.

It’s a bummer that the Taco is normally sold separately, because my Switch felt just a bit too loose for my liking inside of the Sling Pouch without it. However, if you typically transport your Switch within your existing bag, the Taco is a nice little add-on for keeping it secure.

The Sling Pouch also lacks built-in storage for Switch cartridges — this isn’t a dealbreaker for me as someone who buys their games digitally, but it might be disappointing for folks with big physical libraries. Both the Sling Pouch and Taco offer plenty of space to throw your own game cases in — including Waterfield’s own game wallets that start at $19— but given the price of this thing, I would have liked to have seen that feature built in.

Minor qualms aside, Waterfield’s Sutter Sling Pouch is a stylish, comfortable and durable Switch case made with a specific audience in mind. If you’re seeking a more adult-minded case that’s not bedazzled with shiny Mario and Zelda decals, and want a lightweight bag for your Switch and little else, you just might find it worth the premium.

Credit: Tom's Guide

Michael Andronico

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