What Sport Can I Watch on BBC iPlayer? Football, Athletics, BMX, and More

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UPDATE: Aug 13 - Apologies if you’re looking for Ashes 2019 coverage here - it’s not on the BBC! You’ll need either a Sky TV package or a subscription to Now TV with access to their sports content to watch the England vs Australia cricketing showdown. Our guides (linked above) will help you sort those out if you need a hand.

In terms of what you can watch on BBC iPlayer, we’ve added new summaries of what you can watch under the service's Sports category, including live coverage, documentary content and more, which you can read about below.

iPlayer Sports Shows and Analysis

If you’re looking for highlights and insight into your sport of choice, the BBC does a great job at covering football, both the men’s game with Match of the Day and women’s with The Women’s Football Show. This also extends beyond the English leagues with programmes such as the Irish League Show, and Match of the Day Wales.

There’s more to life than footy though, so you’ve also got programmes like Bikes!, which covers Northern Irish motorcycle racing, The Adventure Show, all about Scottish adventure sport (think climbing, mountain biking, kayaking and so on), or the Super League Show for the latest rugby league games.

Finally, you’ve got the option to watch some sports-themed entertainment, like the perennial quiz show A Question of Sport, or the annual Sport Relief charity event.

Sports Documentaries and Factual

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Real Kashmir FC

Retired footballer Davie Robertson has managed several teams around the world, with his latest being Real Kashmir, a small team located in the very north of India. Dealing with the town, the threat of political violence, and the various needs of his diverse team, Robertson’s efforts to take the ‘Snow Leopards’ to new heights are the subject of this documentary, which has become unfortunately relevant due to the recent actions of the Indian government in the region.

Giantkillers: The Team That Wouldn’t Die

A football documentary about Newport County AFC. The Welsh team has struggled to survive for years due to poor performance and money troubles, but that didn’t stop them from taking on and even beating Premier League level teams during the 2019 FA Cup.

John McEnroe: Still Rockin’ at 60

John McEnroe was a notable tennis player during the 1980s and 90s, and these days can often be found on UK television commentating on major tournaments, or playing in a few himself in the senior brackets. Famed for his angry on-court outbursts, the documentary shows what’s become of him since his retirement, and how he has spent this time developing his love of art and music.

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Bats, Balls and Bradford Girls

This programme follows an all-Asian and all-girl team of cricketers as they leave high school and prepare to play one final game together. Each member gets some time in the spotlight so the viewer can properly appreciate the individual struggles they face in making it to practice and matches.

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Live Sports Coverage

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The final of the women’s bouldering (climbing horizontally across short but wide walls without ropes or harnesses) competition at the Climbing World Championships is currently available to watch on iPlayer. And because it’s taking place in Japan, you’re able to watch the live coverage as it happens during the day in the UK, in case you’re in the mood for climbing right now.


There’s a selection of matches from the Women’s Eurohockey II Championship available at the moment, many featuring the Welsh and Scottish teams, with the Scots also being the hosts at the Glasgow National Hockey Centre. The top two teams get promoted to the next tier of the competition, the Eurohockey Nations Championship, which means there’s plenty on the line with each game.

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Modern Pentathlon 

This sport is a strangely compelling combination of fencing, swimming, show jumping, shooting and running. If you want to see how it all fits together, or how the best in the world do it, you can find the final rounds of the European Modern Pentathlon Championships on iPlayer.

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The action from the BMX World Championships, held in Belgium, is available on iPlayer in highlight form, or alternatively there’s complete coverage of the finals.


Days 2-8 of the Swimming World Championships can be viewed on iPlayer. The coverage of the Korean-hosted competition features multiple British competitors across multiple disciplines.


The Women’s British Open tournament concluded just a few days ago, but all four days of the competition can be found online in hour-long round-ups.

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Both the womens and mens finals at the SLS (Street League Skateboarding) World Tour Los Angeles round can be found on iPlayer. Street skateboarding only got a professional competition in 2010, but it’s grown well over the past decade. The skateboarders’ tricks are instantly scored rather than at the end of the performance, making each section feel dense with action, with little downtime between each run and competitor.


The 2019 Netball World Cup has all its matches safely kept on iPlayer, going all the way from the group stages to the finals of the tournament, which was held this year in Liverpool.

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For fans of running, jumping and throwing, The European Team Championships, held in Bydgoszcz, Poland, have their final rounds available for viewing, featuring competitors from 12 countries fighting for individual and national glory. Alternatively, there’s the London Anniversary Games, which have hours of coverage by the BBC Sports team, including the Emsley Carr and Millicent Fawcett Miles, two prestigious running events for male and female runners.


The Triathlon World Series continues on its trip around the world, most recently stopping in Edmonton, Canada for its eighth leg, including men's, women's and mixed team events.