What Sport Can I Watch on BBC iPlayer? Football, Rugby, Athletics and More


UPDATE: March 19 - The Six Nations has concluded, so this article has been changed to reflect this. Expired programmes have been removed.

BBC Sport covers a wide range of content, including analysis by players and pundits, documentaries about many different areas and levels of sport, and of course coverage of events with commentary. Here’s some of the best sporting content on the streaming service, including new additions and general recommendations.

Super Heroes

Credit: BBCCredit: BBCIt’s good to see women’s football getting the respect it deserves, with prominent coverage on the main Sport page of iPlayer, links to games in the Women’s Super League and The Women’s Football Show too, which features highlights and talking points about the biggest issues in women’s football.

The BBC also does a good job of covering sporting events beyond the usual footie, such as the Scottish Open badminton tournament, or the climbing World Championships.

And of course, there’s men’s football including Match of the Day and Sportscene, Football Focus, the Irish League Show and Match of the Day Wales.

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Tackling Serious Subjects

Credit: BBC ScotlandCredit: BBC Scotland
The BBC Sport section also includes some really good documentaries, such as The Racer. The subject is Jodie Chalk, a young motorcycle rider looking to win her first major championship. She’s one of a handful of women in a sport full of men, but the major obstacle to racing at this level is the money required to stay in the competition. Jodie and her dad are determined to keep taking part, but as the film joins them, they’re in a tight spot.

City Boy Fight Club, sees two men from a very different world – finance in City of London – turn to boxing to deal with the stresses of modern life. Josh and Challon are two rivals preparing for a second match against each other, each man looking for both glory and relaxation in the ring.

Then there’s the BBC3 documentary Bats, Balls and Bradford Girls. This follows an all-Asian and all-girl team of cricketers as they leave high school and compete in one final game together. Each member gets some time in the spotlight so the viewer can properly appreciate the individual struggles they face in making it to practice and matches.

Performance Review

Credit: BBCCredit: BBC

The main sport on our screens right now is undoubtedly rugby. The Six Nations Championship is now finished, but you've got matches from both the men's and the women's competitions still available on iPlayer, alongside the Six Nations Sin Bin. This show features Gabby Logan and Gareth Thomas leading a panel of guests to take a less analytical and more comedic view of the games, as well as trying to set some official World Records relating to rugby during the course of the show.

The SheBelieves Cup is a small women’s football tournament that’s been held since 2016. There’s only ever four teams in the running, England being one of them, and all three of the English team’s games are on iPlayer ready for watching. If you’re curious about women’s football, then having a complete tournament story play out over 270 total minutes is a compact way to get into watching more of it.

Credit: BBCCredit: BBCAnother relatively new sporting event is the Big Half Marathon. While it was created to encourage local and amateur runners to do the 13 mile event across London’s South Bank, as well as smaller distances, there was still professional level participants taking part too. iPlayer has the event in full should you wish to view it.

Badminton is similar to its more famous racquet sport cousin tennis, but the small differences make for a very different kind of game. The movement of the shuttlecock is faster and less predictable than a tennis ball, plus its light weight means there's plenty of opportunity for deceptively strong or weak shots from the players. The European Badminton Championships finals are currently available to watch, which will really show you how exciting the sport can be to watch.