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Samsung's Galaxy S8 Gets a Production Date (Report)

Even more signs now point to the likelihood that Samsung will indeed keep its April release date for its next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8.

Over the last few days, Samsung has spoken with suppliers about production plans for the Galaxy S8, according to a report from China-based ET News. The report claims Samsung will get components to manufacturers within the next month and wants to have full production in place by March. According to the report, which was earlier discovered by Phone Arena, Samsung expects to have 5 million units manufactured in March and another 5 million in April.

Samsung's Galaxy S8 has been the subject of countless rumors over the last several months. The smartphone will be the first big release after the company's ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 was discontinued last year.

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While Samsung has remained tight-lipped on its plans, several rumors say that the next-generation device could come with more powerful components, long battery life, an improved design, and more. There's also talk of the possibility of the Galaxy S8 taking a page out of the Galaxy Note 7's book by supporting the Samsung S Pen stylus.

There is quite a bit riding on the Galaxy S8. Samsung, after all, was the subject of one of the biggest embarrassments of 2016 after the company's Galaxy Note 7, which had been designed to compete with the iPhone 7 and initially got rave reviews, was discontinued after a series of explosions and fires. Now speculation is running rampant over how much of an impact that might have had on Samsung's bottom line. The Galaxy S8 will be the first opportunity for Samsung -- and the broader market -- to find out.

The fact that Samsung has reportedly ordered 10 million Galaxy S8 units, however, suggests the company is bullish on its smartphone's future. That's the same number of units Samsung sold in the first month the Galaxy S7 was available last year. And that device was released months before the Galaxy Note 7 kerfuffle.

According to several reports, Samsung will announce the Galaxy S8 in April. In previous years, the company has largely announced its new devices during or around Mobile World Congress, which is earlier in the year.

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