See Samsung’s Stunning New Galaxy Interface In Action

Xda-developers got access to an early developer build of Samsung’s Experience 10 — its next operating system based on Android Pie — and made a 17-minute detailed walkthrough of it running on the Galaxy S9+.

Like we saw on the previously leaked review photos, it’s got a dark interface, lots of negative space, and rounded corners all around.

Here are some of the key points:

The dark interface is all over, including dark notifications and dark messages. There are inconsistencies that are normal in an early developer build.

There’s a big banner on top across almost all apps in the phone. It’s so big it takes a third of the entire screen. Right now, it is just black with play text over it indicating what you are looking at (i.e. Settings). But I can imagine that the black will be replaced with some kind of background art.

There is a lot of negative space — the white/black space that is not used by information and buttons — through the entire interface, which is similar to the way Google’s Android Pie interface is laid out. It’s also similar to what Xiaomi and Huawei user interfaces look like.

Samsung apps’ menu items are on the bottom, like Android Pie, to facilitate access with your thumb.

It doesn’t seem that Samsung is planning to add a notch any time soon: the way the quick settings’ user interface is laid out — fully using the entire top edge of the screen — there doesn’t seem to be a way to fit a notch. Of course, this may change once the final version is released on the Galaxy S10, but it is unlikely.

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The camera interface has changed quite a bit from the previous version. Like with other apps and settings, Samsung moved menu options to the bottom, where they are easy to reach with one finger.

There are lots of rounded corners everywhere. Some of the screens are loaded with dozens of white cards that go edge to edge of the screen. It’s a stark view against the black background.

The recents menu is similar to Android Pie. The launcher works pretty similarly to the official one.

Remember that this is an early developer build, so a lot of things can change between now and the release of the operating system. The new software could arrive next year, perhaps with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

Jesus Diaz

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