PlayStation E3 2016 Recap: Nothing But Games

LOS ANGELES — While Microsoft was touting its two new consoles, Sony focused on nothing but the games. In an hour jampacked with thunderous applause and delighted screams, PlayStation brought back a god of war, gave us a sneak peek of a new Spiderman title and told the world, we'd soon have the ability to be Batman in virtual reality. Scored by a live orchestra, it was show you have to see to believe.

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Kratos Returns! 
Six years after we watched Kratos pummel Zeus into a bloody pulp, the Ghost of Sparta returns, older, wiser and seemingly more mellow. The story starts as we are training a young boy with the knife his mother gave him and going on a hunting mission. While calmer he does attack wraith with glowing rune ax while a troll screams about sending Kratos to Valhalla. The kid shoots lighting arrows. Kratos goes into Spartan Rage, disposes of troll in requisite brutal manner, bashing its head in. The pair moves on, the kid calls Kratos father before downing a stately white deer with glowing blue eyes and antlers. Now you are ready, Kratos says. For what? A new beginning. 

Nothing Worse than a Fast Zombie 
Created by Bend Studios, Days Gone is like Sons of Anarchy meets The Road. A drifter, bounty hunter narrates his memories of a world gone mad, driven there by a biohazard that reduced mankind to cannibalistic zombies and survivors. Searching for his target, the protagonist is attacked by a small child zombie. After dispatching it with a well-placed headshot, he chases his bounty, who is injured in the fracas. Unfortunately, the horde has been alerted and are hungry. After eating the bounty, they turn their attention to the hero as he valiantly tries to escape by emptying round after round of his assault rifle into the unrelenting mob. He only manages to slow the tide as he ends up surrounded. 

Horizon Zero Dawn 
A young woman leaves the comfort of her tribe to discover the world that used to be — a world where technology rules. But to discover those secrets she'll have to battle the world of today, one where organic life has fused with machines to create new lifeforms. She'll use all her hunting prowess to fell these techno-beasts and salvage their parts to survive. She uses a hacked mechanical beast as her mount when she saves a nearby village from a demon. The demon is fast and formidable, but with well timed strikes on its weak spots, she eventually brings it down.

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Detroit: Become Human
Androids walk among us, but are becoming dissatisfied with being slaves. One Android has taken a human child hostage, Conner a negotiator must convince or disarm the hostage taker. As typical of a Quantic Dream title, you can approach the situation from a number of ways, and each carries its own consequence. For example, lying to the rogue android can cause it to jump off the building, taking the child with him. So what's it's going to be? What will be your path to becoming human?

Resident Evil Biohazard 
You receive a phone call; "Get out or I'll kill you." You find yourself in a decrepit house with armless female mannequins; the dust and grime is palpable. You open a pot to discover a moldy stew complete with large roaches. A large hulking figure walks past the kitchen. You follow, going into what was once a living room. You play the VHS tape on the coffee table and see a gruesome reenactment of what happened to the last occupant of the house. Eager to scare yourself silly? You can play the demo tonight on PS Plus.

PlayStation VR has a Date 
Launching with 50 games, PSVR will be available starting October 13. PlayStation exclusives include a FarPoint a shooter taking place on an alien planet. Star Wars Battlefront VR Missions — Fly a TIE fighter, Batman Arkham VR, Final Fantasy XV: VR Experience, where you play as Prompto. We can't wait to play them all. 

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 
Just when you thought Call of Duty had finally reached its limits, you get Space dogfighting with FPS. The finishers include snatching someone's oxygen helmet off, attaching an explosive to an enemy's suit or plunging a blade into a metallic exosuit. Or if that doesn't suit your fancy, you can just run and gun the old-fashioned way and then open the airlock, sucking out hostiles into cold, unfeeling vacuum of space.

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Crash Bandicoot Returns 
Your favorite marsupial is back and looking better than ever. The original Crash Bandicoot game has been remastered for the PlayStation 4. But if that's not enough, Crash will also be making an appearance in the new Skylanders Imaginators title which ships in October. Instead of using your regular old toy avatars, you can create your own Skylander.

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens 
Lego hijinks meet the latest iteration of Star Wars. Demo highlights include Rei throwing veggies at Kylo Ren, which then he slices and dices into an absolutely beautiful salad.'

Kojima's Sweet Revenge 
"I'm back" Hideo Kojima takes the stage to show off real time gameplay of Death Stranding, the first game from his newly formed Kojima Productions studio. It starts on a beach where handprints are filled with oil. They lead to a nude, handcuffed Norman Reedus holding a dead baby. The actor stands, revealing a body covered in handprints as he looks upward to five floating beings in the sky above a beach full of decimated sea life. 

Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman 
Insomniac Games is bringing Spidey back to consoles in an PS4 exclusive title. Get ready for wall-crawling, web-slinging action.

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