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Did Google Dupe the Rumor Mill Over the Pixel 3 XL's Design?

Google could be taking the fight to Pixel 3 rumormongers.

Канал Лучкова via AndroidPolice

Канал Лучкова via AndroidPolice

Over the last several months, we've been hearing rumors about the new Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL handsets. The latter has been of particular interest to those who are concerned that the alleged leaked notch design is downright ugly. Indeed, many industry watchers have railed against the design and said that Google's aesthetic is off.

But this week, Google reportedly did something rather odd. In addition to inviting press to an event on Oct. 9 in New York to unveil its new Pixel 3 line, it also contacted prominent YouTubers who have criticized Pixel 3 XL design leaks.

According to Jon Prosser, one of those YouTubers who received a request from Google, the company's hardware team contacted him and asked for a very specific clip of him railing against the smartphone's design. He found out from other YouTubers that Google made the same request with similar clips in their own videos.

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While Google didn't say what the clips might be used for, Prosser predicts it could be a video montage of people saying bad things about the rumored Pixel 3 XL design

Of course, such a move would look rather odd if Google unveils the same device alongside clips criticizing it. So, Prosser and others now believe that Google might have planted the leaks or at least capitalized on the leaks and instead of launching a device that looks like what we've seen in rumored images, actually has a different design planned.

Google, like other major companies, is the subject of countless rumors when working on new smartphones. And although leaked devices appear to be the real deal, in some cases, they're fakes. And it's possible — though unconfirmed — that companies like Google might artificially leak designs to throw people off the scent of what they really have planned.

For now, though, the only ones who know what's really going on are inside Google. And we won't find out for sure what it has planned until Oct. 9.