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New Pixel 3 Renders Show Stunning Redesign

Last week, we learned several new details about Google's upcoming Pixel 3 flagship phone. Today, a tech-savvy artist has shown us what they'll look like.

Twitter user @PhoneDesigner, who has recently created artistic concepts of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and a red-and-black iPhone 8, is responsible for the stunning renderings. They show a wide, nearly bezel-less screen complete with that camera notch you know and love.

Credit: @PhoneDesigner/Twitter

(Image credit: @PhoneDesigner/Twitter)

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The art is based on a series of "real-life" Pixel 3 photos that a member of XDA-Developers Android forums leaked last Thursday. The photos confirmed many of the previous rumors that had been swirling around the phone, including dual front-facing camera sensors, a glass back and the infamous camera notch. The logo on the leaked phone matches with one Google's Ivy Ross provided in a January interview, making it seem likely that the photos are legit. 

The new design could be good or bad news, depending on what you're looking for in a phone. Those who hate bezels may love the larger display. On the other hand, those who are sick of all these iPhone X copycats may still be frustrated. While the Essential phone was technically the first smartphone to feature the notch, it's hard not to see Apple's flagship written all over this new design.

Helpfully, Phone Designer also created a number of comparison photos showing the rendering next to one of the iPhone X. You can see for yourself just how similar they look -- and how much more screen there is on the Pixel 3 XL. 

If the real Pixel 3 is as gorgeous as these photographs, Android users may be in for a treat. That said, we'll need to get our hands on the real deal to see how it measures up to Apple's best.