Most Anticipated Phones of 2019

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Adam Ismail

Adam Ismail is a staff writer at Tom’s Guide, where he covers smartphones, car tech and gaming. His love for all things mobile began with the original Motorola Droid; since then he’s owned a variety of Android and iOS-powered handsets, refusing to stay loyal to one platform. Before joining Tom’s Guide, he designed and edited sports pages for The Star-Ledger, and his work has appeared in Digital Trends and GTPlanet. When he’s not fiddling with the latest devices, he’s at an indie pop show, driving too fast or playing Sega Dreamcast.

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  • PhilipMichaels
  • gameszonerhino
    iPhone X remains to be the leading smartphone to date. Some people are concerned about the glass front panel and at the back because of the possibility of slippage and shuttering. Apple has employed the most durable glass ever in smartphones. Though sounds genuine, still it is not indestructible.
  • webgtlnbrgrs
    If Apple wants to keep people like myself as a customer they best figure out how to include finger print recognition on the new phones or multiple face recognition… other wise, bye bye Apple it's been fun ..
  • jsuppan
    Amazing! Not a single mention of Huawei's upcoming Mate 20 much less Huawei, period. And they are pushing hard to overtake Apple. The P20 / P20 Pro already released. The upcoming 3 Leica camera-equipped Mate 20.
  • cavolpert
    Sprint has stopped updating android devices with security patches. Merger trumps customers service
  • bilyyjones
    For me its Apple iphone Xr
  • ibetooya123
    I have expectations on S10...