Google Nest Hub Max Unveiled: Specs, Price, and Availability

At long last, Google has a new smart display that will compete with the Amazon Echo Show. Announced today (May 7) at Google I/O 2019, the Nest Home Max will have a 10-inch touchscreen, a wide-angle camera and Google Assistant built in. Here's a look at the Nest Hub Max, which will be available later this summer for $229. 

What is the Nest Home Max?

The Nest Home Max is a Google Assistant-powered 10-inch touchscreen display with stereo speakers and a Nest cam built in for making Duo calls. That's larger and more functional than the current Nest Home Hub (formerly known as the Google Home Hub), which has a 7-inch display, but lacks a camera and only has a single speaker.

The name — Nest Home Max — shows that the company is combining its family of Nest cams with the Google Home Max smart speaker, and adding a display to the mix.

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What does the Nest Home Max look like?

The Nest Home Max will looks similar to the Nest Home Hub, which has an angled display supported by a fabric-covered base that houses the speakers. On the back of the display is a small switch that physically deactivates the device's camera. It's something that's on the Facebook Portal, and something that should be on all smart displays.

What can the Nest Home Max do?

Because it has a camera, the Nest Home Max can be used to make video calls. The 6.5MP camera has a 127-degree field of view, so it should be able to capture most of a room. However, a feature called Auto Framing will cause the camera to digitally zoom in on and track individual subjects as they move around, similar to what Facebook's Portal can do.

The Nest Hub Max's camera can also be used for facial recognition; once you train the Nest Home Max to recognize your face, the device can automatically switch to your profile when you walk into the room, and  load up your personal preferences, such as commuting details, weather, reminders, and personalized music recommendations. It can store up to six profiles. 

In addition, the camera can recognize gestures. At Google I/O, the company showed that you can raise your hand, and the Home Max will pause music or whatever you're listening or watching. You can then perform the same gesture to resume play.

Last, the Home Max can also connect to Thread-supported devices such as door locks and motion sensors, so it can act as a smart home hub.

What does the Nest Home Max cost?

The Nest Home Max will cost $229, and will be available later this summer. That's the same price as the Amazon Echo Show (which is currently on salfefor $179) and the Facebook Portal; currently, only JBL and Lenovo make Google Assistant smart displays with cameras, so it makes sense for Google to come out with its own product. However, these devices appear to be tougher sells; the Facebook Portal, for instance, has seen its price cut in half since its release in January.

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