We’re Giving Away Four LG V40 ThinQ Smartphones for the New Year

To help our readers ring in the new year, we’re giving away four LG V40 ThinQ smartphones (one per winner).

Update: This giveaway originally ended on January 3, but we're extending it to January 8. Hurry and enter now!

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Here are some features of the $960 Sprint LG V40 ThinQ you'll enjoy.

Its bright, vibrant OLED display. The 6.4-inch panel is nearly bezel-less and packs a color vibrancy and visual quality almost as strong as the Samsung Note 9

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Solid performance. With a Snapdragon 845 CPU (the strongest processor for Android phones) and 6GB of RAM, everyday performance on the V40 never lagged, not even when our smartphone reviewer Caitlin McGarry hunted down gamers in PUBG Mobile. 

Five cameras, one phone. When it was released in October, the device’s five-camera system generated lots of buzz with phone photographers. On the back are three lenses: a 12-MP standard camera, a 16-MP wide-angle shooter, and a 12-MP telephoto cam. The remaining two cameras, an 8MP normal lens and a 5-MP wide angle option, are on the front.

Even with all the extra optical hardware, the LG V40’s cameras weren’t perfect. In shot-to-shot tests, the Note 9 captured colors that were more lush and accurate. What we did like was the ability to shoot three pictures at once with the V40’s Triple Shot mode.

It’s a smart trick that lets you use each of the back-facing cameras to take three different photos — one standard, one wide-angle, one close-up — at the same time. Just be ready to take multiple shots to make sure you get a good version of each option. 

And when it comes to taking traditional pics, Caitlin dropped this pro tip in her review: “Toggle over to AI mode, pick the lens you want to shoot from and hope for the best.”

Each of the phones in our giveaway are connected to Sprint’s data network, which enjoyed a significant jump in 4G speed during our network testing in the annual Best and Worst Phone Carriers 2018 guide where the carrier’s average download speed jumped from 17.7 Mbps in 2017 to 32.5 Mbps in our latest edition. 

Sprint also offers one of the lowest-priced unlimited data plans: the $60-a-month Unlimited Basic plan. It’s a good price for uncapped data, but it comes with the following caveats:

  • Video streaming limited to 480p
  • Music and gaming data has a speed ceiling as well
  • Maximum 500MB of LTE hotspot data

The upside is that for $10 more each month, you can boost your subscription to the Unlimited Plus plan with full HD streams, 15GB of hotspot data, subscriptions to both Tidal music and Hulu, and 2x the amount of LTE data usable while traveling in Canada or Mexico. 

No matter which Sprint plan you choose though, you’ll enjoy the V40’s awesome screen and trustworthy performance. Especially if it's free. Enter to win now.

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