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LG Unveils Jaw-Dropping Rollable OLED TV

CES 2018 is just starting to kick off, but LG has already announced one of the most impressive products of the show.

Credit: LG/CNET

(Image credit: LG/CNET)

LG is showcasing a new rollable OLED concept that will tuck away your television into a little box when you're not using it. And when it's time to watch the big game or check out a movie, the TV unrolls and showcases its 65-inch screen in all its glory.

Over the years, LG and Samsung have been working on rollable, foldable, and bendable displays, but the majority of those have been smaller and designed for smartphones and tablets. As reported by CNET, LG's screen is a 65-inch OLED TV that's exceedingly thin, allowing it to be scrunched inside a box, that LG says, is about the size of a soundbar.

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Better yet, because OLED screens are generally lightweight, LG believes you'll be able to tuck away your display and bring it with you from room to room.

LG has been on the cutting edge of advancements in the TV space. At last year's CES the company announced its first "Wallpaper TV," the Signature OLED TV W7, which measures just 2.85 millimeters thick, and mounts to the wall with magnets.

Last week, LG unveiled its first 8K television. That one comes in at a whopping 88 inches, making it the biggest OLED television LG has ever offered.

Still, there's no word on whether LG will start this concept into a shipping product or what it might cost. We're guessing a lot. We're on the ground at CES and will bring your our hands-on impressions once LG's booth opens.