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IPCop Linux Firewall

IPCop Feature Tour

From this point on, the router's admin interface can be accessed via the URL you wrote down earlier using any web browser. Make sure you specify the port, or you'll just get a hung browser. IPcop has a rich feature set, so let's start the tour.

The first thing DSL users will need to do is respond to the message they'll see upon accessing IPCop's Welcome page (Figure 21), which can be viewed by anyone entering the IPCop hostname or IP address (plus the proper port) into their web browser.

Figure 21: Error from missing DSL account info

The error is due to missing DSL account information, which can be entered in the Network menu under Dialup, after logging in as admin or root users. Figure 22 shows all of the PPPoE connection configuration options available.

Figure 22: DSL account settings