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IPCop Linux Firewall

Configuring the WAN and DHCP server

Next up is finishing up the network configuration. We already selected the "green" LAN interface in the previous steps, but since we also need to select and configure a WAN or "red" interface. Figures 12 and 13 show the proper selections.

Figure 12: Setting the Network configuration type

Figure 13: Green + red is what we need

If required, "blue" and "orange" interfaces can also be configured. The blue interface is used for wireless LAN adapters, with IPCop acting as a wireless router, while the "orange" interface is a dedicated "DMZ" port for servers that are to be accessed from the Internet, such as Web servers. That is not to say that a LAN-side server cannot be used with a simple "red" + "green" configuration. But having a dedicated network segment for servers that need direct Internet access ( in front of IPCop's firewall) is a more secure option.

After selecting the desired configuration, you'll be back at the Network Configuration menu, where you'll select Drivers and card assignments and assign the "unclaimed" NIC to the RED interface. Just like the green interface, the red one also requires IP address configuration, which we do via the next configuration screen (Figure 14).

Figure 14: The red interface needs an IP-address