IPCop Linux Firewall

How Many NICs?

The number of network interface cards (NICs) a router needs depends on its intended use. However, it will always require at least one card. In our example, we used two NICs, which corresponds to the classic DSL or cable setup (Figure 2). In this configuration, one NIC is attached to your home network (the "green interface") while the other connects directly to the DSL or cable modem (the "red interface").

Figure 2: Topology of our two NIC router

An ISDN card or an analog modem can also replace this second card, depending on your connection. Additionally, a "blue" interface for WLAN, and an "orange" one for additional server-based services, are also possible. Figure 3 shows the maximum four-card configuration.

Figure 3: Network topology for the largest configuration
IPCop Router Hardware Recommendations
CPU/Motherboard Intel or AMD CPU; Pentium class or above, 100 MHz minimum speed (Socket 7, Socket 370, Socket A)
Storage 20 - 40 GB for Website Cache (Proxy)
Network Two 10/100 NICs
Graphics Any 2 MB card, no 3D features needed
Only required for installation

Only required for installation

Floppy Not required
Keyboard Any
Only required for installation
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