How to Use Twitter Stickers

Ever thought "I bet my tweets would be better if I could add cute stickers of smileys or animals?" Well, Twitter's made your wish a reality, adding decorative stickers as a new image editing option to its official iOS and Android apps (both free). The addition was announced yesterday (June 27) and made available as a background update that doesn't require you to download a new version of the app.

Twitter's stickers are flat-looking designs that look similar to Google's emojis, and the service also offers accessory stickers such as headphones, devil horns, crowns and tiaras so you can spruce up your selfies. While you can only add stickers from the iOS and Android apps, Twitter made its stickers searchable, so desktop and mobile users can click or tap on stickers to see other tweets that use the same stickers.

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Here's how to use Twitter Stickers:

1. Tap the compose button.

2. Tap an image or tap Photo to shoot a new one.

3. Tap the smiley button in the bottom right corner. The smiley will be overlaid on top of the photo if you're attaching a previously shot image.

4. Select a sticker. Stickers are grouped by popular, recently used, accessories, smileys, animals, food, activities, travel, objects, symbols and flags.

5. Drag, rotate, pinch and pull your sticker to move, reorient and resize. Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 as necessary.

6. Tap Save.

7. Finish composing your post and tap Tweet.

You've tweeted a sticker-decorated photo. To see other tweets that use the same Twitter sticker, click on the image and click on the sticker.

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