Pixel 3a XL Caught at Best Buy, Revealing Key Specs


Google just can’t keep a lid on its upcoming Pixel 3a smartphone. It can’t always help it though, as evidenced by this most recent leak which is likely the fault of a single retailer in the Midwest United States.

Credit: Android PoliceCredit: Android PoliceAccording to the post on Android Police (via The Verge), the images you’re looking at came from ‘Paul’, who found the boxed-up Pixel 3as in a Best Buy in Springfield, Ohio.

Credit: Android PoliceCredit: Android PoliceThe Pixel 3a XL version is confirmed to have a 6-inch screen going by the text on the box, 0.3-inches smaller than the Pixel 3XL, but still in the size range of the average premium smartphone,. The standard Pixel 3a will sport a 5.6-inch display.

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A recent leak via YouTube indicates that the starting prices will be $399 for the Pixel 3a and $479 for the XL, which are bold choices that will hopefully turn a lot of heads.

Other leaked specs we’ve seen include the CPU, which is rumored to be a Snapdragon 670 chip, with 4GB of RAM and storage options varying between 32GB and 128GB depending on the exact source. The 3a will have a single camera on the front and on the back, and also a headphone jack, in a departure from the twin selfie camera and single USB-C port on the standard Pixel 3. The phone’s body will be made from plastic instead of glass and metal too, which will give the Pixel 3a a very different feel in the hand for sure.

Credit: Android PoliceCredit: Android PoliceWith Google I/O taking place next week, it’s a reasonable assumption to make that Google was planning to show off the new budget version of the Pixel 3 then, but you can’t keep leaks away it seems, especially when it’s a mistake as significant as putting an unreleased handset on your shop’s shelves.

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