Google Assistant Now Controls Dish TV Boxes

Staff Writer

OK Google, be my TV remote.

It seems like just yesterday that Amazon's Fire TV Cube came out, with impressive cable box controls. Today, though, Google's starting to catch up, as its Assistant now controls Dish's DVR boxes and other devices. Credit: Tom's GuideCredit: Tom's Guide

You'll be able to perform a fair bunch of actions with Google Assistant, starting with turning on your Dish device, tuning to specific channels and searching for kinds of content. That last trick is a step further than Amazon takes things.

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Other voice-activated actions include pause, resume, rewind 30-seconds and asking Google Assistant to record specific programming.

These tricks will work on the Dish Hopper DVR (all generations), Hopper Duo, Joey clients (all versions) and the Wally single-tuner receiver. The feature is rolling out to Google Assistant on Google Home speakers, as well as the Assistant integrations and apps on Android and iPhone.

While Google Assistant can do a ton of tricks, Amazon's still got wider support, as the Fire TV Cube supports 90 percent of set-top boxes, including those from Comcast, DirecTV and Spectrum and Dish.

If you're a Dish household and haven't run out and bought an Amazon Fire TV Cube yet, this new feature might be enough to keep you from spending more money. Specifically, the smartphone app integration gives Google a leg up, especially if your living room is starting to get too-crowded with hardware.