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Galaxy S8 Passes Torture Test with Flying Colors

Samsung's new Galaxy S8 is finally getting into the hands of shoppers who pre-ordered the handset. And now it's being put to the (torture) test.

Credit: JerryRigEverything

(Image credit: JerryRigEverything)

Popular YouTube figure JerryRigEverything has published a video of him putting the Galaxy S8 through a torture test. From a look at how well the handset holds up to scratches to taking a lighter to it, JerryRigEverything thought of a slew of ways to damage Samsung's latest handset.

First up, he took a series of picks to the smartphone's screen to see how well it would hold up to scratching. The picks are numbered by their hardness and ability to scratch a display from 2 to 8. Last year's Galaxy S7 scratched with a level 6 pick, and the Galaxy S8 was the same. That means keys and coins bouncing around the handset in your pocket shouldn't damage the panel.

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Next, JerryRigEverything took a razor blade to the Galaxy S8 because, well, why not? He found that the earpiece scratched, but since it's made of metal, it held up relatively well. When he took the razor blade to the front-facing camera and iris scanner, it didn't do any damage because the glass is harder than the blade.

Samsung made the decision to use the same glass on the rear panel. Using the razor blade on the Samsung logo on the back, as well as the camera and flash, did nothing to damage the device.

The device's rear fingerprint scanner, however, wasn't so lucky. He took the razor to the scanner and left it all kinds of scratched. However, it was still working after the torture test.

Then JerryRigEverything roasted the device's AMOLED display with a lighter. The Galaxy S8's screen lasted 30 seconds before it went white and then went back to normal. It took three burns to finally make a permanent mark on the screen.

To see how the handset's chassis would react to trauma, he pounded on the rear panel and found that while its glass cracked with a spiderweb effect, chunks of glass didn't fly off. Finally, JerryRigEverything bent the device and found that it has "almost zero flex."

Ultimately, he said the "Galaxy S8 is an incredibly well-built phone." But the Galaxy S8 didn't hold up as well in various drop tests.