Galaxy Note 9 Reportedly Catches Fire (Update: Samsung Responds)

Update 9:06 am ET: This story has been updated with a response from Samsung.

Two years after the infamous exploding issues suffered by the recalled Galaxy Note 7, there's now a report of a woman's Galaxy Note 9 catching fire.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

The woman, Diane Chung, said that she had a Galaxy Note 9 in her purse recently and spontaneously caught fire, according to the New York Post, which obtained a copy of the lawsuit. The incident occurred on Sept. 3, when Chung was in an elevator.

She said in the court documents that the Galaxy Note 9 "became extremely hot" in her purse. She then heard "a whistling and screeching sound, and she noticed thick smoke," the lawsuit alleges, according to the Post.

After seeing the smoke, Chung said that she placed her bag on the floor in the elevator and tried to remove the phone. In doing so, she burned her fingers and was "extremely panicked," according to the lawsuit. A thick smoke was clouding her vision in the elevator.

After finally getting to the lobby, she kicked the phone out of the elevator and someone else picked up the Galaxy Note 9 with a cloth. The person placed the still-burning phone in a bucket of water and the incident was finally resolved, according to the report.

Samsung has since responded, and claims that it's investigating the issue.

“Samsung takes customer safety very seriously and we stand behind the quality of the millions of Galaxy devices in use in the United States," said a Samsung spokesperson. "We have not received any reports of similar incidents involving a Galaxy Note9 device and we are investigating the matter."

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The story is reminiscent of Samsung's troubles in 2016 with the Galaxy Note 7. At that time, its handset was overheating and catching fire in several places around the world. The problem was so bad, it was forced to recall and discontinue the smartphone. It then launched a massive apology tour and totally revamped its battery-safety process. Since then, Samsung hasn't had any major heat problems with its phones.

It's unclear exactly why Chung's phone might have caught fire. And unlike in 2016, the same problem hasn't been reported in several places around the world. It's entirely possible, then, that it was an isolated incident. 

Regardless, Chung has filed suit. And now, Samsung will be left to defend itself to head off any public perception problems.

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  • ripjones255
    First thing out the chute -- file a lawsuit, and try to get check. While there is no mention of her contacting Samsung, I'm willing to bet she went straight to some whipper snapper injury lawyer. This is what our world has become. Get a check. Sad.
  • velizar.peshev
    Samsung, please remove your "unique" fast charging feature and let the phones charge NORMALLY.
  • environmental0992
    Hard to imagine the phone produced enough smoke to cloud someone's vision in an elevator and picking up a burning phone with a "cloth"...? One has to wonder.
  • ripjones255
    Yes, environmental0992 -- I was wondering the same thing. This is not passing my "Smell Test".
  • dsparks
    Put a device with a LITHIUM battery in WATER????
  • jaec62
    Where did she get a bucket of water in an elevator? Sounds suspicious. She's gonna get caught lying eventually. I wouldn't doubt it if this is something Apple cooked up to stunt note 9 sales.
  • jaec62
    She's gonna get caught in a web of lies. Sounds totally like a scam.
  • gkc123
    I think the general population can see through this. It is way over the top. IMO the so convenient bucket of water sealed the deal. Ridiculous. If this is an attempt by Apple I must say it is very sad. They should devote more time and energy on building a better product themselves instead of trying to sabotage someone else's success.